Final cover reveals for the Possessive Love series and an exclusive snippet

The last of the Possessive Love covers has just been revealed and the last giveaway link posted. You can see them all here and read the exclusive excerpt from Odessa Hywell's book.

Son of the Arch Demon by Amanda Meuwissen:

Sometimes the high road leads straight to Hell.

Turning twenty-one is almost universally seen as the age of transformation, of coming into one's own,
reaching adulthood, and sometimes even as a symbol of death and rebirth. I never knew how literal that last part could be until, on my twenty-first birthday, I died and was resurrected as a demon.

Well, half-demon and would have died if I wasn’t prophesized to become the Antichrist and take over the world. All I wanted was to survive graduation, achieve my dream of becoming an artist, and maybe have Marc, the hot new guy who I thought liked me for me, be anything other than a lust demon hoping to guide me on my path to the apocalypse.

Occasionally, ya gotta make yer own destiny, my lovies, so when I found a thin spot in the veil between Hell and earth, I leapt right through it. Sensing the soon-to-be successor to the throne of Hell, I insinuated myself on campus and into his life to await his awakening and fell to my knees in supplication once he did. Pity Avi is so set on denying his destiny.

But I can convince him. I will serve and aid and arouse my master in whatever manner necessary to get what I want. I’ve been an underling, a doormat, a lesser demon for far too long, and his path to glory is going to be mine.

Son of the Arch Demon is part of the MM paranormal romance collaboration Possessive Love.

Recalling my Demon by Colette Davison:

Inherit a creaky old house. Gain a Demon Daddy.

I’m the odd one out, the one no one in my family understands except my eccentric great-aunt. I haven’t seen her in years, not since the summer my imaginary friend stepped out of a funky circle in her cellar. The last thing I expect is to inherit her country mansion when she dies.

Nethermire House could have been plucked from the pages of a horror novel, but it’s mine, and I’m going to turn it into a home. Memories lead me to the cellar, where I find out my imaginary friend was real. Oh, and he’s a demonic soul reaper from the depths of hell.

Erodan is hot as sin, has a firm hand, and wants to teach me how to behave. I’m happy to let him, especially when he asks me to call him Daddy and tells me I’m his.

My newfound happiness is in danger of being shattered when my great aunt’s son decides Nethermire should be his. He’ll stop at nothing to take it from me and claim the secrets it holds for himself.

Recalling My Demon is a standalone MM paranormal romance in the Possessive Love multi-author series.

The Demon Undertaker by Alex J. Adams:

Perfect Shores Funeral Parlour: Where we bury the bodies and reap the SOULS!


Perfect Shores Funeral Parlour, the family business; we bury the bodies and reap the souls, it’s what we do.

“Be nice to the humans, Mal.” My father insists. “Humans are our business.”

I don’t do humans. I don’t like humans. They’re tedious, but I'm cold and unfeeling. They mean nothing to me.

But then he walks in; sad eyes, sallow skin, a man grieving for his lost love. It’s all I can do not to hide him away and take care of him.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. He wasn’t supposed to happen; now I don’t know how to handle these feelings.

Doesn’t he know I’m a demon, not a lover?


“It’s time to move on, Jase.” Kristine’s words ring in my ears as I enter Perfect Shores Funeral Parlour, but that isn’t what I have in mind.

You see, I’ve heard of a man that can bring him back from the dead and I’ll do anything to hold him in my arms again. Kieran was my world until his ended.

But then there he is. Tall, dark and brooding, but he’s not the one I’m here to see. He’s not the one that can bring Kieran back to me.

Something about him, though. I can’t explain how he brings a long-forgotten smile to my face, how my stone-cold heart beats a little faster.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. He wasn’t supposed to happen.

But he’s a demon, not my dead lover.

The Demon Undertaker is part of the Possessive Love series featuring a demon and a human.

An MM standalone featuring a demon with no clue, a human with no clue, an annoying brother and a cute hellhound! Plenty of steam abounds!

TW - mentions the death of a loved one

Gift for a Demon by Emily Alter:

Dave hadn’t planned on becoming a human gift to the dethroned King of Hell.

Overlooked and castaway, Dave had to learn how to protect himself and fight his own battles. Of course, no one taught him how to survive in Hell, if that was even where he was.

Melchom had once ruled over Hell until a human betrayed and stole his crown. Now Hell’s paymaster and with the scars to show for it, he’s vowed not to make the same mistakes. But how could he say no to the most enticing man he’d ever seen? One who offered up his fear for Melchom to feast on so willingly?

It’s not an issue of chemistry. Hell is a complex ecosystem, and there are more forces and prophecies in place than either of them could’ve ever foreseen.

Our exclusive snippet is from Terrible Lovely Demon by Odessa Hywell:

Ten Years Ago

“I’m a demon. Not a magician,” Beau says, hands still on his hips, still looming over us. Not that he can really loom. Dude didn’t win in the height department. I’m taller than him at sixteen. “Do you expect me to pull a Hell Hound from a hat?”

I almost choke on a laugh but . . .

Jesus H. Christ. He’s a demon. A demon. 

Those exist? And, work in hospitals. 

Is that like a vampire working at a blood bank? Or a werewolf being a park ranger? Do vampires and werewolves exist if demons do? Shit. If they do, and I let one take a bite out of me, can I kiss cancer goodbye? Or just my life?

Leland crossed his arms over his chest. “If you’re a demon, prove it. We want to make a deal.”

Beau looks between us, his gaze deep and assessing before his eyes change, turning black aside from green horizontal slit pupils. They look like nothing I’ve ever seen before. 

“A deal?” he rasp. I shiver, and really regret not changing out of my hospital gown this afternoon after a round of tests, as a forked tongue flicks from between his lips. At least I’m wearing sweatpants.

Okay. Yeah. Demon. Maybe? He could be something besides a demon. Like . . . shit. I don’t know. He’s definitely not human. 

“I’m listening.”