Adonis by L Sherleen

“A whole new wooooooorlld…..” and then some!!! Miki J read and reviewed Adonis.

From the blurb:

Accused of a hate crime and expelled from school in his final year, Connor returns home to his seaside town to let everything blow over. There, not only does he have to learn to deal with the addition of two new stepbrothers and a new stepdad, but he also has to grapple with a world set against him.

It’s not all bad though.

Within his dad’s underwater lab, he discovers something in the deep. Something exciting. Something that calls to him. Something that doesn't shy away from the ugly in him as the world does. And Connor could use the distraction…even if it endangers his life.

Adonis is an 18+ standalone m/m merman mystery adventure.

Miki J's Review:

I was thoroughly enchanted by this novel… totally swept me away!!! Told totally by one POV, Connor - we meet him as his life has just imploded in a very bad way.  

Upfront, he's 18 years old and while there is some teen angst, a lot of the angst is more from his upbringing. Which we gradually learn about and the mystery that surrounds that certain night.  

I found the story wove the angst, suspense and romantic seamlessly... and then throw in a touch of paranormal and the plot twists and OMG moments had me turning the pages faster!!!    

Loved the characters… whelp, not all of them, of course!!! And with some, there is a redemption and softening... but with others, it's bittersweet.  

This isn't a cutesy and fluffy type of story, does have some grit. It does end with a HEA, but there are a couple of threads which may lead to another book… that I would read in a heartbeat!!

TW for parental abuse and homophobic slurs

Rating: 5 Stars

Adonis is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.