Three Meant to Be: Branches of Past and Future Book One by MN Bennet

"Well, whatever potential future there is, it better get us on that happiest happy ending...." Three Meant to Be.

From the blurb:

Telepathic high school teacher Dorian prepares teen witches for professional casting because going in unprepared is what killed one of his partners. But new state mandates on magical proficiency make it nearly impossible, and Dorian worries he can’t give his students the education they really need. Seeking a distraction from work, Dorian kisses his still-living on-again off-again clairvoyant boyfriend, Milo. Instead of a distraction, Dorian glimpses Milo’s vague vision involving the murder of Caleb—one of
Dorian’s new students.

Already devastated by the loss of his partner, Dorian refuses to stand aside and let Caleb die. He searches for clues by delving into Caleb’s mind. Rooting through Caleb’s memories alongside teaching classes leads Dorian to two more students: Caleb’s ex-best friend turned rival and the prodigy with connections to dangerous warlocks. However, each step further into his students’ minds forces Dorian to confront his deteriorating relationship with Milo.

After discovering a link involving illegal casting, Dorian resolves to work with Milo to prevent the impending vision. To succeed, Dorian will have to explore the potential of a future with Milo and find closure on their third partner, whose loss looms between them. But meddling with fate to save Caleb inadvertently draws the warlocks near, putting all his students in danger. Dorian will have to risk his life and gamble his second chance with Milo to keep his students alive.

Miki J's Review:

Wow... what an introduction to this author.  Three Meant to Be is unbelievably brilliant - it's gritty, angsty, dark (as in moody), snarky... a book to actually sink your teeth into.  

All told from one POV - Dorian Frost - who is a right royal grumpy git... so much so that he's adorable.  He may seem unapproachable, especially to his students, but he really does care about them and their schooling (sometimes a tad too much.... red marker... bahahaha). But he's also emotionally locked in the past and seems unable to move on... and we get to see why with flashbacks that's done is a creatively new way.  

The world-building in this story is fantastic and I loved how the story just draws you in, trying to find out the who's and why's of the mystery.  

There is the romance aspect but that's not the main story... and I'm intrigued where to from here.

Rating: 5 Stars

Alyssa P's Review:

It took me a bit to get into this book, for a while I didn't feel invested in the story at all. Some of the characters were complex and the world building was very detailed. I found myself having to go back in the book to understand some things. It felt like there was a boundless amount of magic in many variations especially in how the magic was used. 

Dorian was an amazing well written character, the author made me feel really invested and intrigued by him. All the kids in his class are fascinating people as well and seeing their thoughts and emotions through Dorian's perspective/mind was very well written; M.N. Bennet did a great job creating the world inside the kids heads. I also enjoyed reading about the struggles the other main characters had with magic especially in Milo's case. 

Milo, Dorian's love interest, is clairvoyant and Dorian struggles with the constant visions and perspectives in his mind from others. 

The romance was on the sidelines for this book, but it appears like towards the end of the book, or in the next book, Dorian and Milo will end up together.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Three Meant to Be is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.