#TeaserTuesday: Jamie's Light (Hampstead Valley Boys #1) by Madalyn George


Today's #TeaserTuesday brings us a first look at the first book in Madalyn George's Hampstead Valley boys series: Jamie's Light. This book releases on Wednesday July 12, 2023.

From the Blurb:

Thanksgiving weekend at home seemed like more of a chore than a celebration since my wife had died, but I would never begrudge my daughter the love and attention of our big crazy family just to wallow in self pity. I could always return to that next week. 

Thanks to the fact that my best friend’s family literally lives five feet away from campus, I have a home to go to for Thanksgiving that doesn’t involve traveling clear across the county for a few short days. It’s an easy choice, since I’ll see my family in less than a month for winter break anyway. When two strangers, one the older brother and the other the best friend, unexpectedly end up sharing the same bedroom, will a holiday they were both just looking to get through end up being the most important event of their lives?


Meet the Marchetti-Gordon's:

All of my siblings were around the table except for the aforementioned Josh. AJ, my full brother and fellow New York City denizen, sat next to Dad, who was reading an actual physical newspaper at the head of the table. The oldest of Dad and Natalie’s kids, Vance, sat across from AJ. Vance was working on his PhD in English literature at Hampstead University and lived at home. Following in his parent’s footsteps, he was already a published author. Caid was slumped in a chair at the far end of the table from those three, head down, possibly sleeping, as his twin sister, Hillary, sitting opposite Dad at the foot of the table, talked about wrapping up her final year in law school and studying for the bar. The youngest Marchetti-Gordan, Hunter, sat next to AJ, shoveling in pancakes like we’d been starving him. Ahhh, to be a teenager again.

I put my hands on Hunter’s shoulders and gave him a quick massage squeeze. “How’s it going, Mariano?”

“Mariano? We didn’t name him after Catfish Hunter for you to compare him to Mariano Rivera!” Dad quipped.

Yeah, my little brother was a big deal on the high school pitcher’s mound. I think we all secretly hoped and believed he was good enough to follow in those great pitchers’ footsteps and play in New York one day. If the college scouts sniffing around were any indication, our hopes might be well-founded.

Caid looked up from his stupor. “Nice try, Dad. You two are both English professors. We all know you named him after Hunter S. Thompson!”

“Good morning, Caid!” Dad exclaimed from across the table. “Nice of you to join us!”

Jamie's Light is currently available for preorder and will be available for purchase and as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription on July 12, 2023.