#SpotlightSaturday - Heartbreak Hockey (Heartbreak Hockey #1) by S. Legend


Today's #SpotlightSaturday is shining down on book one of S. Legend's Heartbreak Hockey series, Heartbreak Hockey

From the Blurb:



Rhett and I were supposed to grow old together, but he double broke my heart when he forced me to choose between marrying him and hockey. I had to watch his sever in two as I felt mine breaking apart. Worst day you’ll ever have, lemme tell yah.

I chose hockey and if I’m choosing hockey, I’m doing it all the way and leaving love out of the equation, maybe forever. No point getting involved with someone else just to break both of our hearts.

Slept with my new coach, though. It was on accident, okay? It’s not like I knew he was gonna be my coach when it happened. I do know that if it happens again, my heart will be in jeopardy. I’ve just got to get through the season without falling back into bed with him.

Annoying the ever-loving heck outta him should do the trick, eh?

People depend on me. They need me. That’s what my life has been about since I was ten years old. The one time I stepped outside of that was such a colossal failure, I vowed never to do it again.

My sister cursed me. She said that one day I’d pay for my situationship ways by falling so in love with a man that I’d do anything for him.

I hate that she was right.

My heart’s decided Jack’s mine and now that I’ve fallen, I’ll never be the same. I might have to live the rest of my life as half a person.

He’s on my hockey team and I can’t avoid him. I’m drawn to him. Can’t stop thinking about him. What do you do when you know in your heart someone’s yours, but you can’t have them?


Mercy’s Log

Here we are, buttercup. On the precipice. Might sound strange calling where we’re at this moment in time a precipice when we’ve already climbed up and down so many mountains, but that’s where we are. Every day I chase the magical trail that leads me to you. The end of the path might be the same, but then you show me something new and astonishing and I’m left with the same awe as to what it means to call you mine. 

My only issue—other than when you leave all the damn cupboard doors open—is that I never feel close enough to you and I wondered why that could be. I wondered how it could be. The answer finally hit me today when I stared down at you, cock in your ass, as close as I could possibly be and yet I still didn’t feel close enough. It’s because I’m always supposed to chase you and chasing, by definition, means being in pursuit of. If you catch up to what you’re chasing, you’re not chasing it anymore. I’m not supposed to ever feel close enough to you because if I do, the chase is over, and I never ever want it to be over. The chase is what pulls me further into you, deeper, and deeper. Soon as I’m about to reach out and catch you at one destination, you take off for another and I’m running after you again, finding new ways to be closer to you. 

If by chance I should ever capture you, don’t let me know, okay? Or let it only be for one sweet fleeting second so that I’m left forever craving that moment again. Make me chase you. Make me work for you. Give your love to me easily but let me hunger for you without end to maintain the beautiful suffering of pursuit.

Heartbreak Hockey is currently available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.