Probed: M/M Alien Tentacle Romance by T. M. Chris

Looking for something lighter to read, Jacquie picked up Probed and shares her thoughts.

From the blurb:

Rick is fighting the good fight—rebelling against the aliens who’ve invaded Earth. But when his
mission goes awry, he finds himself captive to the very tentacled monster he’d planned to assassinate.

Most Supreme Specimen, as the alien insists on being called, claims he’s caring for Rick, that the invasive probing he regularly subjects Rick to is intended to ensure his good health, both mentally and physically, but Rick isn’t buying it. The aliens are evil, especially this one, and escape is necessary.

Right after this next probing…

Content warning: contains instances of dubious consent and light medical kink

Jacquie's Review:

Probed doesn't take itself too seriously which makes for a fun read. It pokes fun at anti alien humans in ways that sound awfully familiar. It's almost a political parody at points. I found myself laughing at AAANAL and sending their soldiers into "enemy territory" far from prepared, no shoes??? 

Rick is sent to end one of the aliens, an ambassador, and ends up captured and then sentenced to rehabilitation. There's a bit of non con in there, it's in the triggers as dub con, but that part was non con to me. It comes out of a cultural difference that the aliens don't get, but largely Rick is treated like a pampered pet. The ambassador makes sure that all of Rick's needs are met.

Despite it being a novella it's easy to see where Rick's mindset shifts and there was a lovely HEA.

A quick paced, steamy story.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Probed is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.