Fumbled Hearts (Tennessee U Book 2) by Denver Shaw

A jock in need of a tutor in order to keep playing and a smart, gorgeous student that needs help paying for his tuition. Maddox is very attracted to Ethan, but he hasn't been dealing with the loss of his brother well, and trying to live the life he believes his brother would have wanted doesn't make him happy. Both men have their personal struggles and perhaps if they try to overcome their problems together they get their happily ever after. SNik read and reviewed Fumbled Hearts.

From the blurb:

Can a Fumbled Heart achieve a true love touchdown?


My dream is to become a lawyer, but since starting college, life has been one financial nightmare after
Thanks to a partial scholarship, I’m well on my way, and I take any odd jobs I can find to pay the remaining tuition. Tutoring a jock in a subject I aced seems like easy money.
Until I meet Maddox.
He challenges me at every turn and stirs up feelings I shouldn't have for a straight guy.
The football star will never be interested in me.
Still, I can't get him out of my head...


If I don't get my grades up, I’ll be benched for the season and miss my chance to be noticed by pro scouts.
That’s not an option. I have to get drafted - it was my twin brother's dream, and this is the only way to honor his legacy and make up for what I did to him.
Being tutored by Ethan was supposed to be a means to an end.
Nothing more.
But he sees me in ways no one else ever has.
I'm not worthy of love.
Yet something within me has awakened, longing to be worthy... of him.

Fumbled Hearts is a bi-awakening, opposites attract MM romance. It is book 2 of the Tennessee U series. It features a college football star, his literary hero living a secret life, and a group of meddling friends.
Tropes: hurt/comfort, bi-awakening, opposites attract, mental health rep, jock/nerd, size difference
A happily ever after ending is guaranteed.

This book contains topics that may be disturbing for some readers. Please pay attention to the content warnings found at the beginning of the book and exercise caution when reading.

SNik's Review:

Second in series (Tennessee U), but can be read as a standalone. Hurt/comfort. Opposites attract. Slow burn. Dual POV. Heed content warnings. 

Maddox needs a tutor, his grades are getting him benched from the football team and he can’t let anything get in his way of eventually playing for the NFL. Ethan needs money desperately, a high paying tutoring job with the college star quarterback is great, but he has to start stripping as well in order to get his tuition paid. 

Ethan and Maddox are both struggling, Ethan with his finances and goal of becoming a lawyer at risk, and Maddox trying to live a life he believes will honor his brother while never feeling he should experience happiness without his twin. 

The immediate attraction between is slow to build, Ethan is the first man Maddox has been interested in, and I do wish there was more time spent with Ethan and Maddox interacting and learning about each other. 

Once they establish honest communication and declare their feelings Ethan and Maddox are sweet together and get a swoony HEA.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Reedkaye's Review:

This is the first of this series I’ve read. I will go catch up because this appears to be a series to follow.

Maddox, seems to be a stereotype football jock who is having trouble with a class that could cause him to be unable to play. He faces letting his teammates down and not only himself but he believes his family as well. He is told to bring his GPA up and an option is to hire a tutor.

Ethan is having trouble paying his college costs. He can’t seem to keep a job. He just isn’t the type to be bullied and take it so it costs him a job he is really in need of. He doesn’t have money to even get by for his daily expenses. Then he applies for a job out of his comfort level but the pay is good just not enough to cover everything. He resorts to take a job tutoring Maddox. Ethan doesn’t appreciate the jock type but he needs the money and finds he is actually attracted to Maddox. 

Their path to getting their lives in order and their relationship on a level that they can work together is intense and heartbreaking. This story really points out how things are not as they seem and life can be hard.  

I’m anxious to see what’s next in this series.

Rating: 4 Stars

Alyssa P's Review:

Main characters Ethan and Maddox are both stressed. Ethan is trying to cover his bills, so he takes odd jobs and he meets Maddox once he takes the job of an English tutor. Maddox lost his twin brother and he blames himself for the death of him, and meanwhile he is struggling to do well in his English class, and is in danger of getting kicked off of football team. 

Both characters once they connect are so endearing and you really feel for them and their needed connection to each other. 

This book was fantastic; the author’s writing style and the way she wrote tough issues, discussed in the book, is done wonderfully. 

I enjoyed the first book a bit more, but overall this book is a good read. 

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Fumbled Hearts is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.