Food Truck Warriors Box Set Part Two, Food Truck Warriors #4-6 by Beth Bolden

Yet another set of fantastic books packed full of food, spice, and animosity. Food Truck Warriors Box Set Part Two is books 4-6 of the Food Truck Warriors series.

From the blurb:

Welcome to the Food Truck Warriors, a Los Angeles-based, queer-friendly food truck lot. You’ll experience delicious food, even more delectable men, and the most mouthwatering spice of all, unexpected and undeniable romance.

Full Speed Ahead: Ash’s past is full of secrets, and to his frustration, someone’s not only discovered them, but is determined to reveal them to the whole food truck lot. Ex-military bodyguard Lennox is totally addicted to both Ash’s food and the man, so how can he say no when Ash needs his protection?

Wheels Down: Ross doesn’t like needing help but he can’t pretend anymore that he doesn’t. His food truck is struggling, he’s overworked, and there’s no relief in sight until Shaw, the local bartender, offers him a place to stay, then his friendship, and finally, so much more.

Ride or Die: Ren is used to being desired. He knows what men are looking for from him, and he enjoys them right back, whenever he gets the urge. But what he doesn’t want is a relationship—until Seth starts hanging around the food truck lot, and refuses to agree to Ren’s offer of a no strings night together. Seth wants more, and is willing to risk everything to get it.

Angel's Review:

Full Speed Ahead; Rating: 3.5/5

I was looking forward to Ash's story when his character was prominent in the other books, his character was so bubbly in those book. And he was still his nice, bubbly self, I had a difficult time with Lennox's character.. He seemed very aloof, and he was burning hot; really into Ash one moment, then cold by the next scene avoiding Ash. It was very confusing trying to follow his character's back and forth. And while I do understand why his character was the way it was, he just wasn't my favorite character. Definitely not someone I was a fan of. 

I did really like how the mysterious aspect was handled, all the information that came out kept making you rethink who the culprit was. I wish there was more cooking scenes in this story like there were in the other books, but that was a minor thing.Overall I did enjoy this story, just not as much as the other books in this series. 

Wheels Down; Rating: 4.5/5

Wow, I was not expecting to see this side of Ross and Shaw, they were an unlikely pairing at first glance but ended up being what each other needed. 

Shaw is Jackson's brother, co-owner of The Funky Cup, the bar that both the brothers co-own. Shaw is an impeccable bartender, he loves bartending and chatting up customers, and Jackson handles the business side of their operation, something that's worked well for them. Until Jackson wants to switch things up and wants to open a new location, which Shaw is firmly against. 
But Shaw isn't worrying about that, instead he's worrying about his friend Ross. Who has been having a difficult time running his food truck by himself after his ex copartner not only tormented and injured the other food truck owners, but who also was stealing from their business, consequently leaving Ross to try to figure out how to keep Basket open. When Shae offers Ross a place to live where he wouldn't have to pay rent Ross isn't eager to accept it, but after thought... He realizes it might be a good thing. He didn't expect to end up developing not only such a close friendship with the exuberant Shaw, but he definitely wasn't expecting to fall for the man. 

I loved this book! It definitely has grumpy/sunshine elements to it that were done so well. Even though Ross can be grumpy outwardly, Shaw knows that inside Ross is a big ol' softie. Shaw takes him time to learn, listen, and understand Ross. He's supportive, and doesn't judge Ross about things that so many others have judged him for. He likes him because of who he is, not despite. 

The contrast between Shaw and Ross was incredible! They were different in such a great way! Shaw was more down to earth, more relaxed; whereas Ross was more high strung, and grumpy. But these two balanced the other out beautifully. I loved how their relationship slowly grew and developed, both men not wanting to scare the other. They made sure communication and trust was prioritized. My favorite part of this whole book was when Shaw and Ross were working on the dessert waffle idea, it made me want their creation so bad! And there are no good trucks around me!! It's almost torturous to read Beth's series about food trucks and then not be able to actually try what she's having her characters make... It's safe to say I really enjoyed this book, and I'm now on  to the next one! 

Ride Or Die; rating: 5/5
Ren and Seth's story is by far my favorite in part two of these Food Truck Warriors Box Sets. There was so much tension sizzling between these two that you could practically see it! You just knew that when they did finally get together it would be explosive, and it most definitely was. 

Ren doesn't do relationships or dates, just one night stands, no repeats. When Ren first saw Seth he knew he wanted to get the guy in a bed, but when he propositioned him, Seth said no. Which got under Ren's skin, that first meeting is what eventually led them down the road towards figuring each other out. 

Seth co-owns his security company with his best friend Lennox, and ever since he got introduced to Ren he knew he would want more than just one night. When it's clear Ren won't let more happen, Seth downloads an app.. He's surprised to see Ren's face on it, which gives him an idea that might turn out to be a bad idea, but maybe, just maybe, it'll turn out great. 

I really enjoyed Ren and Seth's story, Ren has always been the carefree no strings attached guy at the lot but he can't seem to get Seth out of his head. And Seth infuriates Ren by rejecting Ren's offers for a night of fun, but Seth wants more than that. 

After Ren unknowingly tells 'Jake' aka Seth, more information about himself, Seth knows for sure that he won't be able to just let Ren go. Once Ren discovers that Seth is who he's been talking to at first he's angry, but that moment changes everything.

This story was well written, and stayed true to the characters personalities. Ren didn't all of a sudden swoon for Seth, or want a lovey-dovey relationship right away, he was still very much himself. Which I really liked, Beth didn't try to change his character which was really nice. I liked the slow burn, and the overall story was fantastic. There wasn't as much food featured in this story as much as the other books but it's still a great story. 

Overall Food Truck Warriors Box Set Part Two is just as incredible as the first box set, and I'm really happy that The Food Truck Warriors books are all in one place now. I highly recommend you read both of these box sets yourself.

Rating: 5 Stars

Food Truck Warriors Box Set Part Two is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.