#TeaserTuesday - Blaze (The Broken Horn Ranch) by RM Neill


Today's #TeaserTuesday dons a cowboy hat to give us an exclusive sneak peek at RM Neill's latest in their Broken Horn Ranch series, Blaze. This book releases on Thursday June 8, 2023 and is currently available for preorder. 

From the Blurb:

Whoever says money can solve all your problems is a damn liar. It only creates unnecessary headaches and does nothing to erase bitter memories.

Deep down, I’m still the same guy I’ve always been. No matter how many zeros are in my bank account. No matter how far I run, or how much richer I become. Where I came from will never change.

I’m tired of pretending. It’s why I’ve come back to my hometown. To the simple life, to clearing my mind and finding the balance that’s always just out of reach.
No suits, no city living, no cheats and liars, and definitely no complications.

But the funny thing is, there’s a situation I wasn’t prepared for. The ranch hand on my best friend’s farm with a shy smile and talented hands. River is easygoing, confident and carefree, my total opposite.

Maybe an unexpected complication is exactly what I need to make things easy again.
Maybe finding my way back to who I truly am is easier if I’m not alone.

I don't need much to be happy.
I have my job at Broken Horn Ranch, my custom furniture building on the side, and a standing date to dinner with my dad every Friday night.

Life doesn’t need excitement or fancy adventures to be fulfilling. Things are completely good just the way they are. There’s no sense toppling my perfectly balanced apple cart.

But I wasn’t expecting the tall, dark, and handsome man who arrived at the ranch on horseback and sent my comfortable, ordinary world spinning.
Blaze is the boss’s best friend and a part owner of the ranch. His brilliant smile masks his hidden troubles, and if I had a few pennies to spare for his thoughts, I’d spend every last one.

Maybe I don’t have everything I need after all.
Maybe I need him .

Blaze is the second book in The Broken Ranch series and can be read as a standalone. Expect to find two men in their forties remembering what it’s like to be kids again while falling in love, a new hobby making spoons, an abundance of romantic gestures and a super swoony sleigh ride.


Now sitting in Blaze's driveway, I have replaced my nervousness with excitement. I considered how much I should do before and after this dinner, but in the end, I knew I wanted to just make us both smile.

I also know I couldn't wait until tonight to give him his surprise.

Arranging spring flowers in December when there’s already a dusting of snow on the ground is no easy feat. Thankfully, the woman I know with the greenhouse was more than happy to help me out and she forced the bulbs for me. He's going to love them.

Rounding the truck, I somehow wrangle out the ridiculously large bouquet of daffodils with no damage and since I can't hide them behind my back like the cheesy heroes in the movies, I settle for hiding my face behind them until he opens the door.

"Oh my god, River. How…,"

He trails off as I push the mass of daffodils to him.

"Hold that thought."

I rush back to get the box from the back seat and return to find Blaze still speechless in the doorway.

"Close the door, babe. We don't want Mando getting out."

The cat in question sits in the hallway but shows no interest in going outside. With a chirp, he winds around my legs a few times in greeting before returning to the living room. Probably to watch his TV.

"God, there's like two dozen daffodils here, River. I don't have a vase big enough."

I pat the box I've set on the hallway bench. "I've got it covered. We have some time, so I'll help you."

Carrying the box to the kitchen, I set it on the island and start unpacking the dozen glass milk bottles inside.

"These are perfect for their short stems. I had the lady who grew the flowers paint them for me. Well, her daughter helped. I think they turned out quite nice, and it gave them an idea for next year's flower market. And she tied —"


I turn to find Blaze behind me in the kitchen. His eyes are shiny and his lips move, but no words come out.

"Blaze? What's wrong?"

With a shaky sigh, he finally steps closer, cradling the bouquet like it's a newborn baby.

"You asked the flower lady to grow daffodils for me? In time for Christmas?"

"I did."

He takes one of the painted milk bottles off the counter before gently placing it back down. "And you had all these bottles painted for them because you knew I'd need more than one vase?"

"Um, yeah? But also because you said daffodils bring you joy and remind you of a happy time. So if I brought you lots, you could have them all over the house. Then everywhere you go, you'd be happy. If I remember right, you also said they signal new beginnings and I think if there's ever a time for that kind of symbolism, it's tonight."


Blaze is currently available for preorder on Amazon and will be available as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription on June 8, 2023.