Marked to the Omega (Luna Brothers Book 3) by Ashe Moon

The penultimate book in the Luna Brothers series, Marked to the Omega concentrates on fated mates and the eldest brother, Christophe.

From the blurb:

Highborn alpha Christophe Luna carries a pawprint-shaped birthmark prophesied to belong to the wolf he’s fated to mate. After years of searching, Christophe has just about given up on the idea that fate could be real until the day he sees the bloody paw print that matches his fated mate mark. The only problem is who that print belongs to—Mason Arkentooth, the outlaw omega with a hatred for anyone highborn, who was caught breaking into the Luna mansion.

The powerful attraction he feels towards Mason is undeniable, but to have a lowborn omega bear his children would be a disgrace to his family name. When he risks his family’s reputation by bailing Mason out of prison, will Christophe learn that fated mates are just fantasy? After all, a lowborn criminal and a highborn heir could never actually fall in love… could they?

Marked to the Omega is a 45k-word, mpreg story full of thrills, laughs and steamy romance, set in an exciting and vibrant new shifter world. It is the third book in the Luna Brothers Series and can be read as a standalone novel. Approximate reading time: 4 hours - Perfect to curl up with for an evening of yummy M/M shifter romance!

Jacquie's Review:

Christophe was a bit if a surprise to me. He came across as very stuffy and straight-laced in the previous books, but inside held a lot of longing for his fated mate. Mason could see that inner sadness to him and was instantly drawn to the older man. There's an age gap here, but under a decade so I wouldn't technically call it an age gap romance. Christophe also held more responsibility than I'd previously seen (since his brother's weren't that interested in him) and that made striking up a relationship with his fated difficult.

Mason was similar to Tresten in that he was determined to get by. He was struggling and just needed some help. Sure, he had made some bad choices, but I could see why he had turned in that direction. He also has a close relationship with his sister, which was sweet.

Their bond took a while to get there, theirs is the slowest burn so far, but was worth it. It was closer to the 70% mark but I was enjoying them getting to know each other before jumping in so I didn't mind that at all.

Christophe really showed his principles and created a HEA for his family.

Now for Arthur

Rating: 5 Stars

Marked to the Omega is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.