Immortal Jewels the Complete Series Box Set: MM Paranormal/Fantasy Romance by Lee Colgin

"Wow, what an action packed and extravagant box set!" Angel read and reviewed the Immortal Jewels the Complete Series Box Set.

From the blurb:

Immortal Jewels, the complete bestselling series plus bonus scenes, available now as a four book box set bundle! Stories of love, adventure, romance, betrayal, and fate. Spicy MM fantasy/paranormal romance includes:

Beneath the Opal Arc - The steamy love story of a rare male witch who saves the world and the
handsome older vampire who saves him.
Featuring opposites attract, an age gap, only one bed, protective lover, a quaint little bookshop & cinnamon candied nuts!

Across the Sapphire Sea - When a possessive vampire is bent on finding a cure for a mysterious ailment, and his feisty fledgling craves more independence, can their love endure or will ancient secrets shatter their bond forever?
Featuring a fiery and at times toxic relationship, an age gap, a power imbalance, a repentant lovers, spicy times in the bathing barrel & danger at the arctic circle!

Beyond the Ruby River - When a demon half-breed uses his incubi charms on a mortal man, will their love last forever or is each soul destined to pine for the other for all eternity?
Featuring a sweet incubus longing for a love that endures beyond lust, a grieving mortal man with an open heart who makes papyrus production hot, friends to lovers & a fun prehensile tail!

Over the Emerald Valley - When a sassy palace concubine is given to a dutiful army general for the night they form an unlikely partnership to solve a mystery of missing jewels.
Featuring an age gap, hurt/comfort, only one bed, sneaky jewel thieves & spicy dessert nights!

Also includes over 15000 words of bonus material exclusive to this boxset!

Angel's Review:

Beneath The Opal Arc; rating: 4/5

Laurence is a vampire and an old one at that, not the oldest but he's definitely not young. 

Remy is a very powerful witch, who singlehandedly prevented more loss of lives. Having done so, that puts his life in peril... Until a vampire swoops in and saves him.

Together these two journey through different towns, swims across frigid waters, sleepovers in cemetery's, along with Remy spending time with not only humans, but also vampires. 

This book had a whole lot of action in it! Most of this book was focused on the war that broke out between the witches, werewolves, and the vampires. There were very detailed action scenes, along with really great world building. The characters themselves were great, I enjoyed how Remy and Laurence complimented the other's personality. I enjoyed seeing how Remy slowly but surely worked his way into Laurence's heart. Along their journey we also 'met' more characters! We got introduced to Livia who's Laurence's friend as well as being older than Laurence. Then we met Clara while Remy was staying in her town, then Evanora! I adored her, she's such a great grandmother and she cares deeply about her grandson. One thing I'm going to note is Clara and Remy's character are very similar... The two major differences is their genders, then of course Remy being a witch. But other than those two things, their characters are almost identical, which is kinda disappointing, but it didn't deter from the story. 

I'm about to hop into the next book cause I'm very eager to find out what happens on their journey to discover the secrets Valeri wants them to discover. 

Across the Sapphire Sea; Rating: 4/5

I have to say a part of me was excited to read the next book in these vampires/witches adventures. Yet another part of me was weary because of whom the book was centered around, and that character was Valeri. 

His character did not win me over in the first book, nor did he win me over in his own book. His character was very harsh and very brash, and honestly, he was downright cruel to not only other people but also to Elias. He constantly controlled and dictated what Elias could and couldn't do, and that just made his character very unfavorable to me. 

I did enjoy all of the adventure scenes, we got taken across an ocean and explored new areas alongside these characters. It was really great to see all of the different and unique places this author created. 

I also appreciated when Elias stood up to Valeri,  yes he did it here and there, but there were times he stood his ground, and when he did, those moments were ones I cheered him on. 

We also learned about a new tribe of vampires who call themselves the Vartija, who are ancient vampires with untold secrets. I really, really, enjoyed that aspect of having new characters introduced that were completely unique. We also got more glimpses of Mahu's past in this book as well, I'm so excited for his story! 

Overall a great continuation of the storyline that originated in this first book. 

Beyond The Ruby River; Rating: 5/5

Can I just say.. wow! This book was jam packed full of history, details, character growth and such beautiful writing I was blown away! I was eager to learn more about Mahu, as he is known to other vampires as incredibly kind and generous. I wanted to learn more about not just who he is, but who Daka was as well

And we, as readers, got all of that information in spades! 

We got to know how Daka and Mahu first met, along with their first kiss with each other, and their first foray  with one another. We got to know about both these men's past, and Mahu's past is truly heartbreaking. And may I just say, prepare yourself to have tissues nearby! The end of their history getting told us tear jerking and oh, so sad. 

After we get informed about their history we then get taken to present times. And from their begins Mahu's journey to find Daka and hopefully regain his love and trust once more.

This story has by far been my favorite one! The characters were really well written, had fantastic backstory and depth, and the storytelling was phenomenal! I kept hoping right alongside Daka that Mahu would change his mind, but alas what happened, happened. Overall this story has been my favorite so far! Onto the next one! 

I thoroughly enjoyed and adored all of the extra bonus scenes, as they gave us extra glimpses of all these characters. My favorite bonus scene was Mahu and Daka's, it was adorable and endearing, and the surprise twist! It was truly amazing! 

Over the Emerald Valley; Rating: 3.5 rounded up to a 4. 

The last story in this box set is about Temaj and Solon, who was briefly in Beyond the Ruby River. This is their origin story. 

I have to say that this was probably my least favorite of all the books, not that it was bad but it didn't have as much... depth and detail to it as the other ones had. This one sort of felt lackluster compared to how extravagant the other books were. But! Having said that I still enjoyed reading this story and finding out about how Tamaj and Solon became vampires themselves. 

I liked the idea behind this story, and it was well written. It felt as if you could picture all of the elaborate jewels that were so highly coveted. These two made their own happily ever after out of a tough situation. 

Overall this box set is a five out of five stars! It's a terrific read, but let me tell you this is a HUGE box set! I'm talking over 14,000 pages. I highly recommend to get yourself a box set so you can read the whole series in one go.

Rating: 5 Stars

Immortal Jewels the Complete Series Box Set is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.