Hearts On Fire (Hartland Fire Dept. Book 2) by Shea Balik

"What a blazing way to meet the love of your life." Angel read and reviewed Hearts On Fire

From the blurb:

The arsonist is still on the loose, and now their sight is set on Austin.

Austin isn’t sure what he’s done to deserve someone trying to kill him. His only recourse is to hide and hope that the arsonist doesn’t hurt anyone else by trying to get to him.

One of HFD’s finest, Mateo took one look at Austin and knew he’d met his future. Now he just has to keep him alive long enough to enjoy that future.

Each fire puts Hartland and their firefighters more in danger. Will Mateo survive long enough to keep Austin safe or will their happily ever after go up in smoke?

Angel's Review:

Austin never imagined that his building burning down would lead him to meet the man he would fall for but sometimes life throws a few curve balls. 

Mateo is a firefighter and has been for years, when he gets assigned to help investigate a building his unit suspects was arson, he locks eyes with a stunning Omega. Knowing that the Omega is in danger he offers for Austin to stay with him and his grumpy father. And from there their relationship progressed fairly quickly. 

I like alpha/Omega relationships, and I also like mpreg, and I think those two elements were done well. However, I didn't like how fast this story progressed, I wasn't expecting for 'I love yous' to be said so soon after meeting one another. That aspect of it made it feel rushed. 

But the writing was good overall. 

Oh! And this book leaves off on a cliffhanger, we don't get answers on who's responsible for burning down the buildings. Which I wish we had gotten more information but.. maybe in the next book the mystery will be solved? 

Anyway, I recommend this book to you if you like alpha/Omega books featuring mpreg. 

Rating: 4 Stars

Hearts On Fire is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.