Gateway Catastrophe, Ghostly Guardians #4 by Louisa Masters

Gateway Catastrophe brings the readers to the end of the line in the Ghostly Guardians series. Expect some sweet stolen moments in the midst of choas, lots of ridiculous laughs, a self absorbed demon you can't help but love, and a crazy ending to the series plotline arc!

From the blurb:

It only took seconds for my world to change…

I live a simple, small-town life. Helping with the family restaurant, my side gig as a ride-share driver, hanging with my best friend, making the most of the extra time with my ghost grandma. The only exciting thing to happen to me in the past year was when Gabe moved to town—too bad Nonna scared him off. It’s hard to impress a guy when your dead grandmother calls him the devil.

The last thing I expect when I pick up a ride-share client and take him to Mannix Estate is that he’s a demon. An actual, breathing, can-kill-me-with-a-thought demon. That night blows my simple life apart and changes everything. Turns out, ghosts aren’t the weirdest things out there, my best friend and Gabe are both part of this alternate world, and there’s a big bad demon who wants to end us all. What’s a small-town boy to do but roll up his sleeves and join the fight to save the world?

Working side by side with Gabe reminds me just how much I liked him when we first met… and the feeling’s mutual. As the clock counts down and we both struggle with personal issues, it’s good to know there’s someone to lean on. But I don’t know if our tenuous connection can survive the hell that’s coming and see us through to the other side.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

It's always sad when you get to the last book in a series. That being said, I was definitely ready for the big climax of this series to hit its peak so my beloved Mannix Estate family could finally have some time off from stressing about the end of the world. There's always something crazy going on at that hotel and I think they've earned a break, especially the couples. Speaking of couples, I honestly had not a single inkling that Gabe and Tom were going to end up together. I figured Gabe would have his own book, but Tom was a bit of a surprise as his love interest.

We'd only seen little bits of Tom in this series and I enjoyed getting to know him better. He certainly turned out to be quite different from my initial impression of him. Tom may not be a trained hunter, but he's also kind of a badass in his own right. This definitely comes in handy once the major plot twists have been revealed. Kudos to Masters because I did NOT see that coming and I really enjoyed who ended up being part of the "heroes" of the day. And about time too because Gabe and Tom truly deserved some alone time after everything.

Honorary mention must go to Marc because I just loved that grumpy, self centered demon. And if the next book in a spin off series is what I think it is? Hoo weee baby I need it to come to momma! I can't wait to see how Masters turns these enemies into lovers. It's sure to be a hell of a ride!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Nicole's Review:

It's always bittersweet to finish the last book in a series. Thank goodness Louisa seems to have a hard time letting go too! I was so happy we got to learn more about Tom! You could see there was a lot of trust between him and Skye in the last book, which was not what I was expecting when we first met him (think a bit of a goofy airhead after my first impression). He's actually quite smart, a trained fighter, and probably the most caring MC in the series! Gabe also comes out of his somewhat reserved shell, and the blushing is adorable!  

These two were perfect for each other, and worked so well with the rest of the Mannix crew to finally solve the Otherworld problem.  

I really hope we get Marc as enemy to lovers MC in the spinoff up next! While fairly tame in spice level, I would say it was higher then most of Louisa's other books.

Rating: 5 Stars

Gateway Catastrophe is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.