Drive Back to You: Formula Q Book 3 by CD Rachels

Drive Back to You is the series ender to CD Rachels fast and sweet Formula Q series. 

From the blurb:

Formula Q is the fastest motorsport in the world. Only the highest-performing athletes can make it to the grid. They drive fast, work hard, and play hard, but off-camera, anything goes.

The public knows me as Daisuke Matsuro, aka ‘Kid Dynamo,’ the rookie driver from Japan. What no one knows is how close I was to one other driver on the grid growing up.
As a teenager, Robesy Robespierre was everything to me. He was my best friend, we were closer than brothers, but I pushed him away. Now, we’re neighbors who race against each other in front of the whole world. I want a second chance more than anything, but he hates my guts.
Over time, though, that old familiar spark returns between us. After a series of unthinkable life changes, Robesy and I become closer than ever. Nothing in my world will ever be the same, but I refuse to move on without earning his forgiveness.
I thought my dream was to be a professional Formula Q driver. Now, though, all I want is to drive back to Robesy. He’s my home, this is our race, and everything is on the line.

(“Drive Back to You” is a male/male motorsports romance novel. It involves best-friends-turned-enemies-turned-lovers, card games, sexual awakenings, rooftop pool dates, a romance that has been over ten years in the making, and yes, lots of racing action worldwide. It is book three of a series, has a HEA, and can be read as a standalone)

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

Robesy was a character whose story I was looking forward to since we met him in book 1. He was such a fun person and always throwing around his sexy French. I enjoyed getting to know him a bit more in his own book. He was more subdued than I imagined, but still Robesy.

Daisuke I had a harder time liking. Maybe because I knew teenage Daisuke did Robesy wrong and I was already attached to Robesy before starting. And when we find out what he did? I don't blame Robesy for peacing out from his life. I would have done the same thing. That being said, Daisuke definitely did a lot of groveling. He knew he was wrong for what he did at 18. And although being a stupid teen isn't an excuse, it does play a part in it.

Once Robesy forgave Daisuke they went from professional civility between these two to sugary sweet. Give me a toothache sweet. It was obvious they had a lot of love left from their pasts and I was glad they talked through it all like adults.

The epilogue was great. It was fun seeing everyone in the future loving life and each other. It wrapped up the series nicely.

Rating: 4 Stars

Drive Back to You is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.