Cautious Match, Perfect Match Agency #1 by Roe Horvat

Cautious Match is the first book in the Perfect Match Agency series, a multi-author omegaverse series.

From the blurb:

“Excellent news, we’ve found your perfect match!”
I don’t want to be single forever—I just find it difficult to put myself out there. That’s why my
meddling brother registered me with a matchmaking service. They did personality tests, took pheromone samples, and now they claim they’ve found the ideal alpha for me. So ideal, we’re supposed to be like fated mates from the legends, irresistible to each other. We need to be careful around each other, or my scent might set off his rut, which is a scary thing to happen with a complete stranger.
Except the Agency won’t tell me anything about him. I must pick up the courage and meet him to find out for myself.
I’ve always attracted the wrong men. After several abysmal breakups, I don’t dare to date, so it sounds like a great idea to let an agency choose a mate for me. Jori Mullins is a 26-year-old omega, a shy little accountant, and my perfect match in all aspects. He doesn’t have a manipulative bone in his body, and his honesty humbles me. Instead of tempting him, my wealth and status make him uncomfortable. He’s gentle, kind, and way smarter than he lets on. His scent alone has the power to wipe out my self-control.
I want him badly, but I need to keep my distance and gain his trust first. If we get too close to each other, our bodies might take over and make all decisions for us.
Perfect Match Agency is a multi-author gay romance series. The stories are non-shifter omegaverse, with high heat and low angst. Male pregnancy is possible in the world. Each book can be read as a standalone, features a new couple, and a satisfying happily ever after. Cautious Match is the first book in the series and features instant connection, rut and heat.

Janet's Review:

Cautious Match is the first book in the multi author series, Perfect Match Agency. Jori is a sweet omega that works as an accountant. Avery is a wealthy businessman who always attracts the wrong sorts of men. Avery signs up for Cautious Match and Jori’s brother signs him up. 

Their match percentage is almost perfect. Avery wants to get to know the Omega, but Jori is more cautious and agrees to dates. When close proximity throws them into a rut/heat, things get hot and steamy fast! 

Avery is an awesome Alpha, kind and caring. I loved how he took care of Jori and in turn when Avery needed comfort, Jori had his back. 

Overall, a fantastic read. Well written with addicting pacing that kept me flipping the pages!

Rating: 5 Stars

Cautious Match is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.