Built To Last by Harper Robson (Hot Dam Homes Book 3)

Built To Last is the third book in the Hot Dam Homes series and gives us cousin Sam's HEA!

From the blurb:


Look up the word "average" in the dictionary you'll find my picture. Average height, average looks, average smarts: average guy. Of course that's also code for boring and ordinary. I've been a serial dater forever, twisting myself into the perfect person for my dates, but somehow I'm still alone. When I get offered a job in California, I wonder if it's the universe telling me it's time to start over. At least I'll have time to do some thinking while I work on what might be my final job for Hot Dam Homes: renovating a luxury resort in a beautiful but totally isolated spot. Things get complicated when Tyler, my super-hot but way-too-young-for-me co-worker ends up on the same job. On paper we make no sense, but my stupid heart won't let me stop thinking about him. Is he just my latest infatuation, or have I finally stumbled on something that could last?

Built To Last is a steamy, age-gap, co-workers to lovers, MM romance.

Heather's Review:

Built To Last has a bit of a different vibe from the first two books in the series because we deal with the complications of Sam's feelings of inferiority and Tyler's PTSD and anxiety from his time in the service.  This book definitely has more angst and more upside down feelings than the first two, but as these two men start to find their footing we see the trust and the understanding building towards their HEA.  I honestly didn't feel the age gap, since both men had struggles with adulting.

It was a nice read and definitely worth it if you've been following the series!

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Built To Last is available in paperback and e-book formats and can be read as part of your kinlde unlimited subscription