Addicted, The Pointe of Love #1 by Sonia Blue

Addicted will take you on such an emotional ride .... you won't get away unscathed.

From the blurb:

An older man. A forbidden workplace romance. And secrets that could destroy everything.

Liam Gray is a mess. Still grieving over a tragedy, he’s shut himself off from life. All he has left is his job at The Pointe wedding hall. Lucky him - he gets to watch other people’s happily ever afters when he’ll never have his own.

And then his new boss - a dangerously tempting old crush - turns everything upside down.

Owen Parker has lost it all. Coming out has cost him his career, his marriage, and even his son. When he gets an offer to manage The Pointe, he’s thrilled to run into Liam again - the troubled and alluring young man he’s been fixated on for years.

But Liam isn’t so thrilled. He’s overwhelmed with feelings he doesn’t want and it pushes him over the edge, making him turn to pills to escape his pain.

As the two of them work together night after night, their attraction grows - along with Liam’s addiction. Both fight their desire, trying to remain professional as they battle cranky clients, nosy staff, and their own demons but, as the lines between them start to blur, secrets are revealed that may cost them their only chance at love.

Will Liam and Owen be able to overcome the scars of loss, heal the things they’ve kept hidden, and find their way to happiness together?

Addicted is the 120K first book in The Pointe of Love series. It contains an age-gap workplace romance with hurt/comfort, wedding hall shenanigans, bad dad jokes, grilled cheese sandwiches, high-heat scenes that will scorch your kindle, and an HEA with no cliffhangers.

All books in The Pointe of Love series can be read as standalones, as they each follow a different couple, but they’re much more fun when read together.

There are topics in this book that may be difficult for some people. Please check the forward for content warnings.

Miki J's Review:

This book will certainly take you through the wringer and back and will stay with you looooong after you finish reading it. I've never had to deal with the issues as portrayed in the story but geez louize, I certainly felt like I did.  

We meet the characters at their lowest point... and the decisions that were made in that mindset, not going to lie, was the hardest because it seems so reasonable... and that's the heart-breaking part of it all.  

The author has captured all of the emotions and feelings in a heart-shattering way... it's quite confronting to see them break apart like that but I couldn't look away because I needed to know if they do come through it and be ok... so I was totally invested into this story.  

The author created characters that needed to be seen and heard and acknowledged and loved. And laugh - those Dad jokes... c'mon... but they were done oh so right!!  

Beautiful book - amazing!!

Rating: 5 Stars

Addicted is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.