A Dangerous Game (Perdition Club book 7)

Continuing The Perdition Club series, Victoria Vale introduces us to two men who need no introduction to each other in A Dangerous Game

From the blurb:

Welcome to The Perdition Club, where games are played for the highest of stakes …

Jonas Thacker wouldn’t be caught dead in The Perdition Club, a godforsaken den of iniquity where sinners go to play. However, notorious rakehell and Jonas’ former schoolmate, Derek Dryden, has begun courting his sister. Rumors have reached his ears that the scoundrel even plans to propose marriage! Determined to put a stop to the union, Jonas storms into Perdition searching for Derek. He never imagines that seeing him again will stir up a firestorm of passions he has spent years trying to stifle.

Derek has no interest in marriage—least of all to Jonas’ sister—but past attempts at gaining his former friend’s attention have gone ignored. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Derek will stop at nothing to coerce Jonas into admitting that what they once shared was real and true. If Jonas will give in and admit that the desire and longing between them wasn’t one-sided all those years ago, then Derek will cease his pursuit of his sister.

Jonas is determined not to play Derek’s game, but the truth of the past is too overwhelming to be ignored. As they engage in a battle of wills, both men will be forced to reconcile their past with their present, and the future they both desperately crave.

Heather's Review: 

Jonas is back in London and searching for Derek at the Perdition Club, something he never thought he'd do...but his sister's happiness is on the line and he knows Derek isn't the right man for her, because he is his own past lover.

Derek is ready for a Cat and Mouse game with Jonas who is finally not ignoring him completely, but is the game for revenge or love?

This is a short novella that gives us a glimpse into both the men's history and their present situation... but I wish there was a few chapters giving us a better glimpse into their future HEA.  This book definitely explores the guilt and stigma of being a gay man in the regency and whether it's a fight worth having.  A Dangerous Game can be read as part of the Perdition Club series or as standalone.

Rating: 4 Stars

A Dangerous Game is currently available in e-book format and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.