The Loathed Omega, (The Omegas of Windsly Book 1) by K. Worthy

Jackson has bullied Eli for years, but that changes the minute they are married and he finds that Eli is his true mate. Now Jackson will do anything for Eli and hopefully they can find happiness together. Young mates in a dreaded arranged marriage that ends up being a dream come true in The Loathed Omega.

From the blurb:

Jackson Rockford is a walking cliché. He’s handsome and rich, with dark, brooding eyes and a jawline carved by the gods. As the beloved captain of Windsly Academy’s football team, every alpha wants to be him, and every omega wants to be with him.

Well, every omega except for me.

Since our first encounter, Jackson has haunted my days and stalked my nightmares. He says I repulse him and makes sure I pay for it. Every. Single. Day.

It’s too bad that our fathers don’t get the memo…

During our last spring break, I’m faced with an impossible choice. Marry Jackson or spend the rest of my life rotting away in a golden prison.

My fate is the same either way, so I hold my head high as I walk down the aisle as the loathed omega.

I brace myself for his revulsion. But when his hand touches mine, a fire ignites in our hearts, changing us forever.

I may belong to Jackson, but now he’s mine too.

And not everyone is happy about it.

The Loathed Omega is a non-shifter omegaverse romance and the first book in The Omegas of Windsly series. Each book can stand alone, but the stories and characters are connected and will be best enjoyed when read in order.

Buckle up for a high school bully romance featuring first times, hurt/comfort, true mates, found family, off-the-charts heat, and a HEA.

This book contains very strong language and explicit sexual content. Please see the author’s note for information on trigger warnings.

SNik's Review:

First in series (The Omegas of Windsly). Alpha/omega world. Bully to lover. Arranged marriage. Found family. True mates. Dual POV. 

Eli’s controlling father won’t let him attend university after graduation and he has just been told he must marry the bully who has made his last 5 years at school miserable. Jackson is obsessed with bullying the omega who makes his skin crawl, but suddenly they are married and find that they are true mates with an unshakable bond. 

This story flips quickly from despair to one of hope as Jackson is committed and desperate for redemption. Although Eli ends up holding no grudge, Jackson vows to make the omega the center of his universe wanting his happiness, comfort and security, and Eli is suddenly in a place where his opinion and dreams matter. 

The Loathed Omega includes an interesting secondary cast of characters that create a supportive found family for the young couple. The steam is ramped up due to their bonding and their youth and the omega heat, and while I wish some more time was spent with Eli and Jackson getting to know each other better and growing together outside their mate bond this was a really enjoyable read.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

The Loathed Omega is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.