#TeaserTuesday - Under the Twilight Rainfall (Love Abroad Series) by Rikki Leighton [NSFW]


For our first #TeaserTuesday this week, we bring you a spicy sneak peek of Rikki Leighton's debut novel, Under the Twilight Rainfall. This book is a part of the multi-author Love Abroad series and will be available on Monday May 22, 2023!

From the Blurb:

Find Love Abroad under the twinkling twilight of the Philippines.


Life is good: I’ve got a thriving private photography business, gorgeous sights at my fingertips, and not a single desire to set down roots. Roots that once entangled me with a boy of dark eyes and a smart mouth who I never would have survived my time in the foster system without.

He was both my savior and my curse. I didn’t belong–I never do–so I left the Olaño family behind. I should have known fate would eventually draw me back into Valen Olaño’s orbit. This family is more than I deserve, but I want it. I want him.

Except I wasn't built to be kept, and I'm not sure I know how to stay.


Once upon a time, I fell in love with a broken boy. He didn’t want me to fix him, and one day, he disappeared. When Dex’s work brings him to my family’s home in the Philippines, that long buried spark kindles back to life and catches us both on fire.

Innocent touches become heated hands, and as I hold onto these stolen moments like a lifeline, I tell myself it will be enough. As much as I want him, I can’t hope to keep him. My family needs me.

If only Dex would accept that he’s my family too.


“My name is the only thing I want to hear from you. Chant it, scream it, shout it, if you have to. Not a single other sound.”

I’m not brave enough to shout his name with a house full of people, but I sure as shit will be cursing it all damn night at this rate.

“What if I don’t listen?”

He cocks his head to the side, readjusts his grip to hold both of my wrists in one hand as he strokes my cheek with the other. “Simple. I stop. I’ve waited ten years to have you, Dex Ashford. My patience is solid.”

Strangely enough, I don’t want to fight him. I don’t want to push and see how hard I can get him to give it to me.

I just want him.

So, I swallow my retort and nod, accepting the soft kiss he places on my mouth in return.

When he pulls away, I almost swallow my tongue at the hooded, heated stare he fixes on me. He settles himself between my legs, lifting one over his shoulder and not wasting a single second before sinking into me.

I press my lips tightly together to hold back the moan, but when he grinds into my prostate—the little fucker he’s been purposefully avoiding—it comes out as a wrecked gasp of his name. If it’s possible for someone’s face to light up while their expression is dirty as sin, then that’s exactly what happens as he drags out more and more cries from my lips.

I try to bite them off, to keep them quiet, but they’re strangled and desperate, and eventually they turn to sobs.

“Valen. Valen. Valen.”

Each chant of his name has him thrusting harder, hips moving faster and tilting to find the perfect angles to get deeper and deeper inside. I feel him in every muscle of my body, in every gasped breath, in every beat of my heart against my ribs.


He nods, wiping the sweat from my forehead and holding his mouth over mine less like a kiss and more a display of possessiveness.

“Jerk yourself,” he says, pulling back and picking up his speed until he’s absolutely jack-hammering into my prostate. I slap a hand over my mouth and wrap the other around my dick, beating furiously to catch up with the tightness coiled in my gut.

Even as my own building orgasm takes me over, I can’t stop thinking about how gorgeous Valen looks, covered in sweat and pounding into me like it’s his goddamn birthright. And maybe it is.

Maybe I exist to belong to him like this.

I’m right there on the edge, teetering and inching closer, my body on fire as it aches for release, as Valen leans down and slants his lips on top of mine, hips making distinctive thrusts to match the weight of the words that drip from his mouth to mine.

“Come. On. My. Cock.”

If I have a choice in the matter, my body doesn’t give a shit, because those four words send me off like a bottle rocket. Valen has to seal our mouths together to hold in the war cry of his name that tears from my lungs with the force of the cum that shoots between us.

Even as I’m wracked with aftershocks, I don’t feel like I’ve had enough of him, and the twitch of his hard cock inside me says as much. I clench around him, egging him on to pick up the movements again, but his brow pinches and he rests his forearms on the ground beside my head.

“Want me to—”

I drag him forward to bite down on his lip and suck the blood that blooms on my tongue, ignoring his startled yelp.

“Until your cum is in my ass, don’t you dare fucking stop.”

Under the Twilight Rainfall is currently available for preorder on Amazon. It will be a part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription on May 22, 2023.