#TeaserTuesday - Crushed but Not Defeated (Spark of Hope #5) by Nicole Dykes [NSFW]


For #TeaserTuesday, we have a steamy first look at the conclusion of Nicole Dykes' Spark of Hope series, Crushed by Not Defeated. This book is currently available for pre-order and will release on Monday, May 29, 2023. 

From the Blurb:



That’s the only way Andrew will ever see me. An abused boy who grew up and became a defense attorney for the rich and famous.

I’ll never forget the look on his face when I told him. The hurt and disgust I saw in his eyes as I stomped all over his dreams.

He left me behind, convincing me he’d hate me forever. Now, circumstances have brought me back into his life. I have one more chance to prove I’m not the man he thinks I am.

I’ll do anything to prove I’m worthy of him.



I have been since I was a child, watching my abusive father escape justice, time and time again, and a mother who refused to see his wrongs.

So I grew up to become a therapist, determined to never feel that helpless again.

I swore to make the world a better place, and I had a plan. One I thought I’d execute with my best friend in the world.

Only he had other dreams. He smashed all my hopes in one night, and I’ll never trust him again.

Now I need his help, but I refuse to let him in completely.

He crushed me once, but now, I’m strong and stubborn. I’ll never be defeated.


“I don’t need to vent. I just need to help.” 

And soon, he’ll have nothing left. So damn stubborn. I can’t think though. I can barely breathe as I look into those beautiful eyes. Before I can stop myself, I crash my lips against his, fully prepared for him to shove me away. But I’m stunned stupid when he grunts and then kisses me back hard, his fingers going to my hair and tugging hard. But he’s not pulling me off him. No. His body presses to mine, and he kisses me back with a ferocious passion I haven’t experienced in years. Not since the last time we kissed. There’s no more talking. 

He lifts my shirt off over my head, his lips immediately returning to mine as his hands drag down my back reverently as if he’s reacquainting himself with every muscle and reminiscing. I kiss down his neck to his chest, while his fingers move back to my hair and tighten. When I reach his stomach and lower to my knees, he gasps suddenly but doesn’t demand that I stop . He doesn’t push me or walk away from me. His hands just stay in my hair as he pants and looks down into my eyes. I’m kneeling before him and looking up at him into those intense, passion-filled eyes. I wasn’t sure I’d ever see him like this again. 

His erection is pushing against his slacks, trying like hell to escape, and I can’t wait any longer. I undo his slacks and push them down. He must have kicked his shoes off before I made it to the bedroom because he quickly kicks his slacks off and away, leaving him in only a pair of black boxer briefs.
They’re damp where the head of his cock is pressed , and when I kiss him there, I let out a low groan as his head falls back and thumps against the wall behind him. My body thrums with anticipation and desire, but I’m terrified to rush this, not knowing if it’ll ever happen again. Knowing it probably won’t. 

I cup his firm ass through the briefs and kiss the tip again, dragging my tongue down his length through the fabric, soaking it. 

“Please,” he begs, but I just slowly push his briefs down in the back. I roam my hands over the hardened globes of his ass, squeezing and pushing his cock against my face, breathing him in. He thrusts forward, losing patience, and I fucking love it.

I wonder if I’m the only one who’s actually seen Andrew lose control. It’s a beautiful sight.

Crushed but Not Defeated is currently available for pre-order and will be available as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription on Monday May 29, 2023.