#NSFWednesday - Return to Telegraph Creek (Northern Horizons #3) by AE Lister


Today we celebrate hump day with an #NSFWednesday spicy sneak peek of book three of AE Lister's Northern Horizon's series, Return to Telegraph Creek. This book will be available on Tuesday June 6, 2023.

From the Blurb:

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and maybe some revelations along the way.

When Jimmy receives a letter from Miss June of The Angel, asking for his assistance in locating a missing Caliope, he and Oscar leave their cozy homestead and new friends in Port Essington to travel back to Telegraph Creek. Sorry to have to abandon their recently built house and the new life they’ve made, Oscar and Jimmy can’t ignore the plight of the folks they met on their dangerous journey, and once they arrive, it is a delight to be reunited with the people they’d gotten to know so well. Due to an injury, Jimmy is unable to help look for Cal, so Oscar and Trick go searching.

They find Cal on a broken-down ranch caring for three young children in less-than-ideal circumstances. But is Cal the victim of the unexpected departure of her husband—or are there darker secrets to be discovered? When the truth comes out, Miss June and the women of The Angel must figure out a way to help Cal face her future and deal with the repercussions of her desperate actions.

Reader advisory: This book contains a brief description of murder and assault in the character's past.


“Oscar, you ain’t rinsed,” I said. My words sounded breathless and broken as he rose from that water like a vision from the depths sent to temp me to my doom.

“So?” he said, stepping onto the colorful rope mat and swiping the linen towel o’er himself with undue haste. “What’s a little bit of soap gonna do? I’m cleaner than I was, that’s for certain.”

I attempted a laugh but was too caught up in the desire surging through me as I watched him and continued to attend to myself in direct defiance of him. It amused me when Oscar got bossy, since I was the one usually telling him what to do.

He gave his hair—which he had rinsed, thank goodness—a shake and a rough drying with the towel, then threw the damp cloth aside and stalked to the bed, an angry look on his face that only made me more lost to him.
He crawled onto the mattress and braced himself o’er me, giving me a meaningful stare then taking the sheet in his hand and pulling it down to expose me. His gaze slid o’er the stitches in my healing injury as I stopped moving. He dropped the sheet below my knees and knocked my hand away, then bent to take me into his mouth with a speed and efficiency I wasn’t prepared for.

My head fell back against the wall as my cock was engulfed in warmth and wetness.

“Christ,” I gasped.

Oscar moaned, sending vibrations through my dick as my need increased and I thrust against him. He pinned me with his elbows on my hips, careful to avoid my stitches, and went at me even harder, the sounds of slurping and whimpering and heavy breathing the only noises in the room.

It didn’t take long. I’d been anxious and frustrated all day, and watching him bathe and emerge like a sea-god from that tub had left me wild for him.

I shouted as I emptied down his throat, his technique so practiced and attuned that it always left me defeated, in the very best of ways. My gasps rang out as I rode the delicious waves of a much-needed release, and Oscar made choking noises as I emptied into his throat.

He let me slide out then proceeded to tease and torment my shrinking, sensitive cock as I lay helpless on the bed, the sheets twisted and my protests unheeded.

He grabbed my wrists and held me still as he nipped and sucked my balls and tickled my over-sensitive cock. Even still, remnants of my pleasure spiked and combined with the pain as I let him have his way with me.

Finally, he tired of this game and surged forward, taking my mouth with his and sliding his lips o’er mine so that I tasted my spend on him, still careful to avoid my healing injury.

I broke from the kiss and took his face between my palms, my gaze raking o’er his swollen lips and bright dark eyes.

“Did you really kill that dog with one shot?”

“Yes, sir, I did. Felt bad, but there weren’t nothin’ else anyone could have done. That thing was out for blood, I reckon. Must have been diseased—or so badly treated it lost its mind.”

“Well, I’m real proud of you, and that’s a fact.”

Oscar seemed to go all soft at my praise, but he surged forward and kissed me again, desperate and hard and needing some relief of his own. He pressed his cock against my hip as he surveyed me with unbridled hunger.

“What do you want, pretty boy?” I said in a low voice, as an urgent need rose in me. I grasped the globes of his ass in my hands and pulled them apart, making him squeak in surprise and moan with abandon.

“I wanna ride you, Jimmy.”


He smiled a devious smile and glanced down at my cock. I could feel that ’twas already swelling with renewed hunger. The injury from my fall had not dimmed my ability to get hard for this man, that was certain.

“Well, you oughtn’t to strain yourself if you wanna ride out with us tomorrow. So, I figure, once you got your stand back, I’ll get onto you and do all the work.” He grinned wider. “Then you can watch me.”


“Okay?” he laughed, raising his eyebrows. “That’s all you got to say?”

“No. I mean, I would like that”—I swallowed thickly, picturing it—“very much.”

Return to Telegraph Creek is currently available for preorder and will be available on Kindle Unlimited on June 6, 2023.