May Wedding, Twelve Letters #6 by Ellie Thomas

May Wedding is a short and sweet novella set in regency times, continuation of a series.  

From the blurb:

Sequel to Gentlemen's Agreement

Some of the gentlemen who meet weekly for supper at The Golden Lion in London’s St. James’ are preoccupied with the prospect of matrimony.

The Honourable Percy Havilland is at full organisational pelt for his sister’s triumphant society marriage, ably backed by his friends. His frequent stress-induced outbursts are endured by his ever-patient lover, Nathan.

Percy has mixed feelings about the upcoming nuptials, the sorrow at losing one of his precious sisters balanced by the opportunity of exhibiting his exquisite good taste to make this the wedding of the season.

His friend Jo Everett reacts differently to the wedding, desiring an equivalent opportunity to mark his enduring love for Daniel Walters.

Will Percy manage to survive the wedding without falling out irreparably with Nathan? And might Jo and Daniel discover they have the support of their close circle to celebrate their own special day?

Sheena's Review:

Well, May Wedding was fun. I always look forward to stepping back into Ellie's regency world, this is such a great cast of characters, but as always the show is stolen by Percy. I make no secret he's my favourite, and I've loved his character arc from spoiled regency himbo to where he is now, almost patriarch of his family and settled partner to Nathan.

This time Percy's sister is getting married and of course Percy has arranged the whole wedding, and it's perfect to the last detail - with not too many bridezilla moments from Percy. However this story for me was stolen by Jo and Daniel and their idea to commit to each other. In the times they were in, this was the best they could hope for and it was wonderful to witness. These two are so steadfast and complement each other so well, it was sweet and swoony and everything I wanted for them. The whole ensemble appears and I just really enjoyed the whole novella, once again.  

I do love these regency boys.

Rating: 4 Stars

May Wedding is available to buy as an ebook