Love on the Run: MM Omegaverse MPreg Romance Kindle Edition by Shea Balik

Love on the Run is a dystopian, nonshifter, Omegaverse romance between an independent omega Ford and Lowen, the alpha who convinces him not all alphas are evil.

From the blurb:

Ford and his friends are running for their freedom when they are attacked by Alpha slavers. Saved by an Alpha who lives where they’re headed is only the first problem. Ford has sworn he will never be owned by an Alpha, but there’s something about Lowen that he cannot ignore.

Lowen has lived in no-man's-land farming and trading to survive. When he comes across a boat of Omegas being attacked by the Alphas who ripped him off, he jumps in to save them. There's one Omega he can’t help but notice. Ford is fiercely independent, sexy as hell, and he wants him.

Will Ford run away or can Lowen convince him that not all Alphas are cruel and only looking for a breeder?

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

Well the set up of this new series by Shea Balik is quite the frightening future indeed. The story picks up after what is known as "The Great Extinction" has come to pass. Basically, for some reason that scientists are unable to explain, birth rates began to plummet exponentially and eventually all the women die out. What is left in the future are only male humans. However, it is also assumed that the same unexplained event that killed off all the women, also caused some of the male population to be able to conceive. These men are known as Omegas, while the men who can get them pregnant are Alphas. I do have one niggle with this and that is it is never explained how people can make the distinction between the two on sight. These are humans so the common omegaverse explanation of scent doesn't apply here. I just would have liked it explained, that's all.

The next part of the unsettling future is the fact that the government has basically designated Omegas as property whose only lot in life is to be possessed by an alpha and to pop out as many babies as possible to repopulate the world. As you can probably guess, the omegas are not too happy with this, which leads to a group of them sneaking off into the less populated areas of Americas to have a fresh start away from any Alphas who may want to lay claim to them. Follow me so far? Ford is one of the independent Omegas who has made the trek to "freedom". Unfortunately Ford and his group run into trouble along the way and are saved by none other than Lowen, an Alpha.

I'll be honest. Ford was a dick for a lot of the book. I know he has his reasons to mistrust Alphas, but Lowen saved his life and was also nothing but kind to everyone. He never even questioned why a group of omegas were out in world alone. He saw they were in trouble and acted to help, even when it led to him being hurt. Eventually Ford sees Lowen for the lovely Alpha he is, but it definitely takes him awhile. Once this change in thinking occurs, their relationship moves at full speed ahead - including a bun in the oven. I'm chocking that up to the mating hormones these two fall prey to as they both previously made it clear that having a child any time soon was not on their agendas. It all works out in the end though, including a giant boost to the population of Sanctuary, the town the Omegas decided to settle in after their escape. Here's hoping more of the battered omegas find themselves an Alpha mate worth loving as the series continues.

Rating: 4 Stars

Love on the Run is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.