Worked by T.M. Chris

"I enjoyed this self help adult lesson in starting and finishing tasks. Peyton has gone his whole life not accepting responsibilities and has been allowed to do so by everyone surrounding him. He has reached a point that he is even unsatisfied with life and when he meets someone who mentions a bootcamp that helps guys retrain their habits, he takes the plunge." - Reedkaye on Worked.

From the blurb:

An irresistible force meets an easily moved object

Peyton has never followed through on anything in his life, which is why he needs a bootcamp like The Bars and Stars and a trainer like Tex. Tex is going to give him some gumption, but that involves giving him something else first.

Maybe he should have listened to the warnings about how The Bars and Stars enforces discipline before committing to two weeks on the ranch, but he sure can’t complain about the eye candy. Tex is a tall drink of water with strong hands made for ranch work. And for something else…

Worked is a broiling-hot M/M spanking story featuring a determined cowboy and his wishy-washy client

Reedkaye's Review:

I enjoyed this story. Most kids learn somewhere along the way about starting and finishing tasks. Not so with Peyton. He has managed to make it through school and even somewhat holding down a job but has yet to really get started. 

Everyone around him just allows him to do his own thing which is nothing. Even his best friend over compensates for all his lack of trying. 

Then he meets someone who tells him just a little about The Bars and Stars a bootcamp that help train guys to overcome their issues. It’s their way of training that I though was funny.  

Peyton’s trainer Tex, has his hands full with Peyton but does his best to keep Peyton on the program path. I feel this is another fun book by this author. Even though there is plenty of seriousness to the stories, they always are told in a enjoyable way.

Rating: 5 Stars

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