#SpotlightSunday - Unfettered Omega (Found and Freed: The Unfettered #1) by S. Rodman


Today's #SpotlightSunday is shining down on S. Rodman's Unfettered Omega, the first book in their newest series: Found and Freed: The Unfettered.

From the Blurb:

Is he here to save me? Or is he just another captor?

I’m a slave. Nothing more than property. The very thing I never wanted to be, and the very reason I ran away from my pack.

Seems like fate has a cruel sense of humor.

Being enslaved in a harem, even a billionaire’s, is no life at all.

‘Ritchie’s Rainbow’, they call us. Each of us are named and dressed in a different color. Red, Blue, Jade, Gray, Pink, Yellow and Indigo. I’ve been called Red for so long, I can barely remember my real name.

A vampire, siren, fey, demon, vessel, kelpie and me, a wolf shifter. All imprisoned for the pleasure of a wealthy human, to use for himself and to lend to his friends.

I take care of the other boys the best I can, they are brothers to me and it’s in my omega nature to be nurturing. But it is hard when we are all suffering so much.

But Brodie, the new healer, seems kind under his gruff exterior. I see something in his eyes. Something that gives me hope.

I think he might just be here to save us all.

But I don't think falling for me is part of the plan.

Am I going to ruin everything?

Or will I finally find freedom? Finally become unfettered?

Delve into Unfettered Omega to find hurt/comfort in a guard/prisoner secret romance.

Unfettered Omega is an MM romance. It is the first book in a new series about seven paranormal boys imprisoned in a billionaire’s harem. Each book follows a different MM pair as we discover if once they find freedom, can they find love?

This book introduces all the paranormal boys, but the love story is between two characters.

Some content may be disturbing for some readers, please use the ‘Look Inside’ feature to check the copyright page for further information. Alternatively, please visit the author’s website.


“What would you like?” he asks.

To climb into bed with you.

“Orange juice, please. With vodka.” I manage to say, because he is talking about drinks and
nothing more.

He laughs again. “A man after my own heart.”

I watch him as he finishes with the fridge and walks over to the drinks cabinet. Only staff get
those in their room. I wonder if he knows how lucky he is.

He returns with drinks, hands one to me and then to my delight, squeezes onto the small sofa
next to me. His thigh is pressing against mine and the sensation makes me ache for more. I
want to feel him all over me.

I take a sip of my drink and the pleasant burn of the alcohol is a poor substitute for the pleasure
I’m sure Brodie’s hands on me would ignite. My desire for him is becoming incessant. It was
dampened for a few hours after dinner while angst and anxiety spiraled through me, taunting me
with the thought that Brodie might not be all that I hoped. But now that my hope has been
restored, it seems my desire has returned. This time with the intensity of a thousand burning

“Your dancing is incredible, how did you learn?” asks Brodie.

“Practice,” I say and then wince inwardly. The poor man is trying to make conversation and I’m
shutting him down.

I take a deep breath, put my drink down, and continue. “I ran away from my pack when I was a
young teenager. I came to London with no human birth certificate, no National Insurance
number. My career options were limited.”

“So you became a dancer?”

I nod.

“Is that how Smithson found you?”

I nod again. “He asked me to be his live-in sugar baby. I was thrilled. I thought I could continue
to pretend to be human, but I went into heat… and that’s how he found out about the
paranormal world.”

Silence. Still and awkward. My confession hangs awkwardly between us. Exposing the
paranormal world to mundanes is a crime that the Council sometimes punishes by death.

“This is all my fault,” I whisper. Clarifying my guilt, but damn does it feel good to say it out loud.

Brodie twists around to face me, but I look away in shame. His gentle fingers take my chin and
coax me back to meeting his gaze.

“This is no one’s fault but Smithson’s,” he says determinedly.

Stupid tears start to fill my eyes, so I blink them away. Suddenly, soft gentle lips are on mine.
Brodie is kissing me, feather soft.

I kiss him back. Eagerly. Hungrily. Desperately. He feels so good. Tastes so divine. I ease my
tongue into his mouth and he moans. My arms wrap around his neck and I slide onto his lap,
like a moth drawn to a flame.

His hands caress my shoulders, but then he is pushing me away. Off of his lap, away from his
lips. He stares at me but I can’t read the look in his eyes.

“Sorry,” he mutters. 

Unfettered Omega is currently available for sale on Amazon and as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.