Killer Heart, Cursed Hearts, Book 1 By: Rhys Lawless Narrated by: John York

Vampires, witches, and hunters... ok my 😲 You'll find them all in Killer Heart.

From the blurb:

Raised to hate them. Trained to kill them.

Witches are evil. They’re everything that’s wrong with this world. My unit is tasked with finding and killing each and every one of them.

Until he comes along. Caleb Carlyle.

My next target.

Silver hair, small with a big-boy attitude, and an offer I can’t refuse. Trade my cursed, frozen heart for his broken one.

When we join forces, witches and hunters turn against us. Now we have to rely on each other for survival and I know this won’t end well.

Rule number one of witch-hunting? Never trust a witch.

Even when he comes in such a gorgeous package.

Yet his honesty surprises me every step of the way.

Is it all a lie? Or are there darker forces at play here? And if witches aren’t evil, who is?

Killer Heart is the first book in a gay urban fantasy romance series.
It’s filled to the brim with magic, heart-pumping action, and steamy times.

Book 1 contains enemies-to-lovers and bi-awakening and ends on a HFN minor cliffhanger.

Listen now and immerse yourself in the curse of a lifetime.

Tatted_book_freak's Review:

Fantasy is not my first choice of genre, but the more I dive into this genre, the more I am beginning to enjoy this new world. There’s never a shortage of action or suspense, whether it be the hunters or the huntee. 

Caleb and Wade’s relationship became a tad bit confusing, until the end when all the pieces were put together. Their connection was unbreakable, made apparent as they always found themselves together. Side characters were absolutely amazing, adding personality to the show. 

This was my first John York audiobook and he brought so much emotion to each of the characters, giving them to life with a personality for each. Only complaint was there were a few questionable moments of whether it was Wade or Caleb, but Nora’s character made up for this discrepancy. 

Excited to dive into Demon Heart and experience their new adventure!!

Rating: 4 Stars

Killer Heart is available to buy from Audible and is Whispersynced.