Empty Netter by Hannah Henry

Can a romantic man survive a New Year's Eve hook-up?  What if he wants more and gets Matthew's phone number then sees the man's picture in his NHL coach's office?  Find out in Empty Netter!
From the blurb:

When Blake Brennan came out, he made NHL history. He was the elite goaltender of the New Jersey Ruby Reds, with a cute boyfriend and a bright career ahead of him. Now, he was single, and struggling both in net, and with his team.

Matthew Sawyer ended up living with his dad again after dropping out of college. His dad, the coach of the Ruby Reds, has high expectations for him. Matthew isn’t sure what he wants out of life, but he knows he doesn’t want the boring desk job his dad wants him to get.

When Matthew sees the famously gay goalie for his dad’s team at a bar on New Year’s Eve, he goes for it. Has a little one-night-stand to spite his dad, even if his dad will never find out.

A one-night-stand leads to more, and when things get messy fast, they both have to take a leap of faith.

Empty Netter is a 50k, Coach’s son, MM hockey romance.

Heather's Review:

This was an instant attraction, hook-up to lovers story with an NHL twist... the coach who hates Blake is also Matthew's father - who he's had to move back in with while he gets his life together...  Age gap, secret relationship, family issues and more abound in this sweet and spicy story that gives us a fairly low angst relationship with a hot mess of stuff thrown at the couple as they try to figure out their next moves!

Rating: 5 Stars

Empty Netter is currently available as a paperback and an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.