Come Closer to Me, Rock U by Christie Gordon

Come Closer to Me is a story about being a rockstar, studying, friendships, and perseverance. 

From the blurb:

A man crushing on his brother’s best friend. Another man who’s afraid to love. When all is laid bare, can love triumph over fear?

Axel Sandstrom

I’m the lead guitar player in a punk-pop band and I get hit on a lot . But I’ve got a big problem—a crush on my older brother’s best friend, Remy. Of course, he’s straight. So instead of having him, I’ve become the king of hookups. I’m used to hiding my feelings behind teasing and innuendo. But that only drives him further away from me.

When Remy decides to go back to school, my brother asks me to tutor him. After spending time alone with him, it’s pretty obvious he’s not as straight as he says he is.

Remy Hall

Axel makes me feel things. Tingly things. But he’s also obnoxious and my best friend’s younger brother. I should stay away, except that I need him to tutor me. During our tutoring sessions it’s impossible for me to deny my attraction to him.

But the bigger issue, is my all-consuming fear of being close to people. After the deaths of my younger brother and my dad, I don't want to get close to anyone. But Axel makes me want to try. He might have the conviction to yank me back to him, kicking and screaming, as I’m about to fall off the edge.

Come Closer to Me is the second book in the Rock U series and is part of the Mesa Boys universe. This novel features bisexual awakening, hurt/comfort, and a rocker in love with his brother’s best friend. It guarantees an HEA and has no cliffhangers. It features a bad boy who goes after what he wants, and a man who’s hiding his attraction to men and shies away from love. Each book features a different couple and can be read as a standalone or as part of the series in order.

Trigger This book contains gun violence, discussions of a childhood drowning and the death of a parent.

Angel's Review:

Axel was a character I wanted to get to know since he was mentioned in the first book in this series. This book had a few different tropes; Age gap, brother's best friend, bi awakening, and first times with a man. 

Axel is part of an up and coming band who's been in love with his brother's best friend for years. He never thought that Remy would ever spare him a glance, he teased Remy but nothing will come from it, right?

Remy is Leo's best friend, and Axel is Leo's brother. When Remy starts taking a class that he doesn't quite understand, Axel offers to tutor him. That is the moment these two realize that maybe Remy isn't as straight as he thought he was. 

I think this book was really well written, the background descriptions was really cool! You could almost see Axel and his band rocking out on stage with how much detail were in those scenes. I enjoyed the side characters; Caleb, Milo, Silas, we got to see Devin and Brandon, along with Kaiden and Jaimie. It was cool 'seeing' them again in this book. The strong friendship that Axel has with Caleb and Silas comes through in this book, especially after what they went through together only made their friendship stronger. 

I appreciate the fact that Christie didn't completely rush these characters, cause I think if she rushed Remy's character it wouldn't have done him justice. He needed to take things slowly, even though Axel wanted to step on the gas. I was laughing at Axel's actions, he had no qualms about being boisterous and loud about who he wants and what he likes. 

It was awesome to read a book about characters who come out to their family and their family was completely supportive, it was refreshing to read about that outcome. 

I do want to note that if mentions of shootings  and recollection of deaths is triggering for you, I recommend proceeding with caution. This book is low angst, sweet and steamy. 

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Sheena's Review:

This is the second in a series but can easily be read as a standalone, there is a little crossover with the first book but it can be easily followed on its' own.

This is Axel and Remy's story, we met both in the first book, Remy briefly as he's Axel's brother's best friend and roommate, and Axel's crush for years.  When I started the book, I wasn't really sure that I liked Axel all that much, he pretty much wound Remy up constantly, even when he was asked to stop, just to get a rise out of him.  It got quite annoying, honestly.  He did grow on me as the story went on though, and I got to know him better.  He's pretty much full-on though, and was all in with Remy right from the start, pushing perhaps a little too hard at times. 

This is Remy's first relationship with a man, and I did like he and Axel together once they got there.  Remy was understandably reluctant at first because he's got a lot to deal with in his past, and coming out to everyone on top of that.  I get that Axel didn't want to hide and these two just worked so well together, they brought balance to each other and there was a fair amount of heat there too.  It was all going so well, and I was around 2/3 in but had a real sense of foreboding as it was going too well almost.  

Once I got past the initial part with Axel and Remy and into the bones of the story, I really enjoyed this and look forward to more in this world.

Rating: 4 Stars

Heather's Review:

Axel and Remy's story was sweet and lovely.  A long time crush that teases his straight friend... who is slowly coming around to potentially not being so straight... this book is a slow burn and a slow build to the relationship, which totally suits the characters.

For me, this book was sort of two halves - the build to the relationship and then the build to the I love you and I was there for both...

This book does have some trigger warnings - and while they are not written graphically, they could be triggering so please heed the warnings for violence and death of non-characters.

Rating: 4 Stars

Come Closer to Me is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, and hardback.