Charmed by You by Annie Gale

Two authors have teamed up to bring you a new small town series under the pen name Annie Gale and the first book in the Glitter Lake series released today, Charmed By You.

From the blurb:

Talented much? It takes a star to ruin a relationship and a job all in the span of a few months. But that’s Blake. Now even his family is mad at him. What he needs is a change of scenery where no one knows him and he can try to figure out what he really wants in life. And since he has a cousin in Glitter Lake, Montana, why not there? He can start over. Even if Glitter Lake isn’t what he was expecting. Cute tourist town? Kind of. Populated with a bunch of whackadoodles who can’t mind their own business? Absolutely. But still, nobody needs to know what a mess he is.


Clouds? Silver linings? James doesn’t know much about silver linings, but he’s a pro at the cloud part. The only reason he’s in Glitter Lake is because it was where his boyfriend and business partner dumped him. So, yeah, James stayed. He was petty enough to make a new life here and prove he didn’t need whats-his-name by his side. Or anybody. Even if the new guy is cute. Even if he’s totally unprepared for a Glitter Lake winter. Besides, he has nothing good to say about Glitter Lake and does nothing but rub James the wrong way. He’s not James’s problem.


♥ Glitter Lake is a tourist town in summers, a snowy wonder in winters, and a delight of quirky locals and festive fun and games the rest of the year. Consider yourself invited to get to know the gang and follow each couple in this contemporary gay romance series as they find their happily ever after in the town you never want to leave. ♥ 

Heather's Review:

Charmed By You got better as we went along... the town of Glitter Lake and it's inhabitants grew on me although I really didn't like James at the beginning - I couldn't figure out his take on things and why he was so against Blake's arrival in town...  but once I got past that, this book was a fun read with some quirky side characters and a HEA.

Now that we have more of the lay of the land, I'm curious to see what is next for the Glitter Lake community and I look forward to book 2.

Rating: 3.5 Stars - rounded up

Charmed By You is available in e-book format and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.