A Really Gay Book: It's Not Remotely About Christmas (A Really Gay Villain Christmas Series Book 1) by Zile Elliven

A Really Gay Book was honestly such a treat! Why is the next one so far away?

From the blurb:

The first book in history (probably) in a Christmas series to not be about Christmas!


I have the best luck ever; it’s terrible. You want it? It’s yours.

But ask yourself:

Do you like being bored ALL the time because there are no challenges ever?

Do you like being surrounded by people because no one will ever leave you alone? (Even in the bathroom, you’ll need to invest in some really good locks.)

Do you want to be a virgin for the rest of your life because no one thinks they’re good enough for you?

No? Me either!


I have the worst luck ever, It’s terrible. You want it? It’s yours.

You get a lot of scars out of the deal.

The campus darling is annoying.

And beautiful.

And smells like a garden after the rain. He’s the worst.

And he’s a muffin thief.

F**k that guy.

A Really Gay Book is set in the A Really Gay Villain Christmas Series. It’s a 30,000-word enemies-to-lovers story with possessiveness, extreme size difference, steamy times, and found family. (What’s a little bit of evil among family, right?)

Jacquie's Review:

I loved everything about A Really Gay Book. Everything.

Two people, opposites, that fall in love? Sold. Add in the enemies to lovers thing? Yes, please! With a side of villains - even better!

Adam hates Apple because Apple gets everything he wants whenever he wants it, often to the detriment of Adam. He hates him just on principle. 

Apple is sick of his good luck, it sounds like the best thing ever, but it's a double edged sword because it means he's cursed not to find love.

A chance meeting between them starts them off on such a funny path. I swear, Apple just decides mine and goes with it. They way the pair dance around each other is done so well in such a short space of time. I never once got bored or distracted from it.

I loved both characters, the writing style and the villain house. I want all the stories! This novella will absolutely go on my re-read pile. I wish I could rate it higher.

Rating: 5 Stars

SNik's Review:

First in series (A Really Gay Villain Christmas series). Quick read. Instalove. Opposites attract. Size difference. Found family. Dual POV. 

This is a story of two college students, Apple is blessed with too much luck in his life with everything in his life coming to him easily, whereas Adam is cursed with so much bad luck he gets injured constantly and can’t catch a break in anything. When the two meet there is animosity from Adam and instant crushing from Apple, and they are off to the races to see who can become more obsessed with the other first. 

This book is supposed to be a fun read and it is funny in spades as it is full of bantering, possessiveness, steamy times, overprotective tendencies, a family of villains, and two guys that are simply made for each other. 

There is no question that Apple and Adam will be together forever and that spells romance for me. Can’t wait for Zile Elliven to write more for the series (even if it has nothing to do with Christmas).

Rating: 5 Stars

A Really Gay Book is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.