Rivers and Roads (Beast of Burden Book 2) by E.M. Lindsey

This series just keeps on getting better and better! Angel read the re-released Rivers and Roads.

From the blurb:

For months, my world has been nothing but blood and violence.

I have long-since lost track of anything except the beast inside me, and obeying the commands of my human Masters. But when a new Wolf turns up and takes me from that place, I realize there's more to who I am than just a monster.

His scent is familiar—and yet entirely new. This Omega is different, and he just might be the only thing that can bring back the Wolf I once was.

Rivers and Roads is the second book in a Dystopian MM Werewolf trilogy featuring A/B/O hierarchy with no m-preg, mild violence, and a happily ever after. The Beast of Burden books do not stand alone and should be read in order. Rivers and Roads is a second edition, previously released under a different title, series, and the pen name Ariel Millar.

Angel's Review: 

Zane is a Wolf who has fought in the previous war, he fought alongside Orion and Kor. He's seen wolves broken, bruised, dead, and alive. He thought he saw it all. All of the torture that humans could inflict on his kind but he was wrong. They were so much worse than he originally thought. How he found that out? They captured him and turned him into their new lab experiment, they stripped him of his humanity. Everything that makes him human they tried to take away for him. They turned him into an animal that only craves blood and death. The humans who captured him thought they achieved in turning him into a complete animal. They were wrong.

Orion is a beta wolf. The Alpha's second in command. When Kor tells him about Danyal's experiment in trying to manipulate wolf DNA he isn't on board with that plan at all. Then Zane gets captured and everything changes.. Orion sets off on a rescue mission not knowing what the end result will be, but willing to risk it anyway.

My thoughts on the story is this: I loved it so much! The complexity of characters was brilliant! The world building is great as well, it felt as though I could picture where they were throughout the whole story. I loved how Orion is so close with Kor, how they're not afraid to share their emotions with each other. I also enjoyed how E.M. wrote about the relationships between Zane and his siblings, I really thought that was great. There was never really a character that showed up and didn't play a part in the telling of this story.

My favorite part of this book happened about halfway through. I would disclose what that part is but then it would spoil it for you! I'm really intrigued by this series and I'm so looking forward for more installments!

Also, fair warning, you might want to have a box of tissues handy. I almost cried when Orion found Bryn. And then more when Bryn didn't survive. I really hope all of the captured Wolves get rescued at some point! I guess that means I will just have to keep reading so I can find out if that happens.

I highly recommend you get this. You won't regret it. ( I want to say that you can not read this book as a standalone! You must read what has come before! )

Rating: 5 Stars

Rivers and Roads is available to buy as an ebook.