Remaking Raine (Pine Ridge Book 3) by Shae Michaels

These sweet as appie pie romances by Shae Michaels are truly adorable. Remaking Raine fits right in with books 1 and 2 on cute factor for sure! 

From the blurb:

I have a job I tolerate but don’t really like—where my ex also still works and finds constant reasons to
harass me. My love life is… depressing. Including a recent ‘boyfriend’ who thought I was just a convenient booty-call. But the final straw came when I showed up for a dinner at my parents’ house dressed in the same clothes as my middle-aged father. It was time for a whole new Raine Morrison. Being the logical man I am, I made a list. First up… getting a tattoo to symbolize my commitment to crafting a new me.

When he showed up for an appointment at my tattoo shop, I for sure thought the guy was lost or a government lackey come to bust my balls. Instead, I find out he’s just a guy looking for… something. To figure out who he is. I can sympathize. I spent so many years crafting my external image to be who I want people to think I am, to the extent that I still hide parts of myself—even from my closest friends—and I’m no longer sure how much of who I am is real or pretend. But Raine makes me feel like I don’t have to pretend. I can just be. And as our friendship grows… it seems like we might just find out who we really are… together.

CW: Mentions of parental homophobia, estranged relationships with parents, mention of parental and spousal abuse—not depicted on page—between relatives of one of the MCs, on-page workplace harassment, mention of cheating by an ex, and on-page alcohol usage to the point of intoxication.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

This entire series is just packed with super sweetness. Raine and Carter were such a cute match. I loved that Carter was super supportive of Raine's plans to make some changes to himself, while still making sure he knew he liked him just fine as he was. Some of these attempts end up quite humorously disastrous, including a hair do that the author describes as akin to a grown up Johnny Test. If it not for my 8yo daughter I would have had no idea who that was, but since I did I could picture it in perfect laughter inducing clarity. Relationship wise, the MCs progressed very organically with them growing close as friends before anything sexy began between them. Like it usual does, that friendship gave them a great foundation to build upon.

As usual I adored the entire cast of friends in this group of Pine Ridgers. We even get to meet the mysterious NATHAN!! You may have forgotten, as most everyone in this book does, that Nathan is the often unremembered son of Vita and John. Lets just say they are not the only ones who overlook Nathan in this book and it made me laugh every time it kept happening. That poor man. I really hope he's going to finally have someone notice him in his own book. We are also given a clue into Sawyers future. A BIG ONE. His love interest is not named, but after reading book two I am still thinking I'm right in who it is. OH and we can't forget Canada's big announcement!! I almost choked on my water! Hoping either of these lovely three men are next!

Rating: 4 Stars

Angel's Review:

I have loved the universe Shae has created with this beautiful series. I have read the other two in the series and it gave such a better experience going into reading this book. So, having said that, while this can be read as a standalone, I really recommend reading the other two books as well for maximum enjoyment. 

Poor sweet Raine can't seem to get a break. After breaking up with his two timing ex Brian, he has had a string of bad guys coming and going. All of the guys he seems to 'date' has appeared nice on the outside but they aren't in for the long haul. After his most recent breakup and his ex insulting him, then that was followed by realizing he wears the exact same clothes his dad does, inspired Raine to switch things up a bit. To remake himself, first thing on his list is getting a tattoo. That didn't go as planned, but he ended up with something so much better than a tattoo. 

When Carter saw Raine in his shop at first he thought the man must be lost. While Carter tries not to judge based on appearances, he had no idea why Raine would be in his tattoo shop. After a experience that left them both shaken up, Carter can't seem to get Raine out of his head. And that started their journey together of getting to know each, meeting rowdy friends, petting an adorable cat named Reba, and realizing your own worth. Even when people don't. 

I'm always in love with the way Shae writes her characters; they have so much personality..  and well, character that it always blows me away. Her stories are sweet and inspiring. I have adored the other two books in this series but this book definitely stood out to me. I can just relate to Raine so much, and I personally love the idea of tattoos. I've been wanting to get one for a long time. I loved the attention to detail describing the tattoo Carter was doing for Rooney, that was incredible! And then, we also got an insiders look on how tattoo artist operate? Of course this is a work of fiction but I'm sure the detail that went into writing about a tattoo artist was real. This story is a feel good romance that I just adored. I can't even begin to tell you how much I can relate to Raine, I'm glad he got the happy after he deserved. And I really enjoyed reading about his self discovery of his own worth.  The romance was so cute! It was definitely a slow burn romance that was so adorable to read about. Overall, a really great book! 

If you want a really well written feel good romance, with relatable characters, bickering/meddling friends, a cat who's named after a country music star, and romance, this is the book for you!! 

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

I've been rooting for Raine since the Brian debacle in the first book, and he's finally getting his HEA if he gets out of his own way... and it's always lovely to be back in Pine Ridge!

This book was sweet, fun and a little angsty.   I love how the characters take the time to get to know each other and that they experience growth within the novel... I especially love where Raine's makeover takes him in terms of growth and personal development.

This book was an adorable addition to the town of Pine Ridge and I can't wait to see who's book is next.  

Rating: 4 Stars

Remaking Raine is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.