Breathe My Name, (Welcome Boulevard Book 2) by Davidson King

Breathe My Name is the second book in the Welcome To Boulevard series, and what a great way to continue a series!

From the blurb:

Life is pretty good for Clove; he’s miles away from where he was a year ago. He has a roof over his
head, food in his stomach, safety, security—even a job. And nothing means more to him than pleasing his boss…nothing. He wants Marcel, though the man is way out of his league. If Clove can’t have Marcel’s heart, he wants to earn his respect, and when he receives his first solo task, he is ready. At least until the mission results in a dead body.

The moment Marcel lays eyes on Clove, he’s consumed by the need to be with him in every way. So he brings him into the fold, offering him employment, in the hopes that it will be enough. But when a simple errand yields murder, missing money, and criminal powerhouses out for destruction, Marcel realizes he will do anything to keep Clove alive…despite the fact that he clearly has a death wish.

Clove and Marcel are thrown together on a quest for answers. As dangerous as they think it’ll be, it’s far worse. With bullets flying, lives in the balance, and a future unknown, Marcel and Clove must face their feelings for one another. Tumbling into love isn’t easy, especially in their line of work, but they finally have what they want, and nothing in this world will stop them from keeping it.


Breathe My Name is book two in the Welcome Boulevard series. It does not follow a story arc and can be read as a standalone. Characters from book one, They Call Him Levity, are incorporated into this story, if that is important to you check out the first book in the series…I mean, Levity is pretty fabulous.

Angel's Review:

I wanted Marcel and Clove's story as soon as I had finished reading They Call Him Levity. I didn't think this book could be more action packed than the last one, but I was very wrong. There are so many twists and turns, many more bad guys get added into the scene, there's also an overlying mystery that was written and set up so well! The plot was well executed and the characters were just as great, if not better, than they were in the first book. 

Levity earned the respect of the men that work for and with Sal, and Clove did the same thing in this book. He showed Sal and Marcel how much of an asset he can be in certain situations,his life on the street taught him skills and gave him insight that Marcel and Sal doesn't have. 

I really enjoyed reading about the slow burn that occurred between Clove and Marcel, Clive wormed his way into Marcel's heart. And once Marcel gets a talking to from Sal, he finally lets the man he fell for into his life. And that brings a different dynamic to the story between this two men as well. Overall a really great, action packed read, that make you excited for the next book! 

I'm feeling some chemistry between Luke and Vander, so... Maybe their book will be next? Hopefully? Pretty please? Haha. 

I highly recommend you read this! You won't be disappointed! While this can be read as a standalone, I recommend reading the first one before this book for overall enjoyment. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Lori C's Review:

Marcel has kept an eye on Clove for a long time now. He’s attracted to him, but feels that he shouldn’t take advantage of him. When Clove gets hurt though, all bets are off and he can no longer keep his hands to himself. But danger abounds and Clove gets wrapped up in the mystery of the murdered money launderer. Will they find Ella in time? Can they save her and avert a war? Will they find their magic moment? 

There is a lot for me to like about this series and Breathe My Name. I like the slow burn romance! It’s nice to see more to each of the characters personalities come out in each story.  Davidson King manages to wrap a romance within the suspense she weaves that will keep you turning the pages day or night. I devoured both They Call Him Levity and Breathe My Name and am definitely looking forward to what comes next. 

Rating: 4 Stars

Breathe My Name is available to buy as an ebook or read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.


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