Tempting His Daddy by A.W. Scott (Coleman Ranch book 3)

Bobby Allen, known for rescuing horses finds a man who needs his gentle and sweet rescue of his own - right on the side of the road in Tempting His Daddy

From the blurb:

“No one will ever hurt you again…”

Bobby Allen devoted his days to taking care of the creatures he understood best - his horses. His job at the Coleman Ranch kept him busy enough he didn’t have time to think about much outside of his animals. At least not until a trip to see a potential new mare sent him on a path he hadn’t expected.

A broken-down car on the side of the road had him making a split-second decision. One which had him telling the broken and battered young man he discovered that he could find solace at the ranch. He promised him peace and protection without ever hearing his story. And boy, was there so much more to the story.

Elton Tuffin is fifth in line to the throne, meaning he’d likely never be King. Still, there was a part to play as a member of the royal family. And no matter how much he followed orders it was never enough. He wasn’t built to fit the cookie cutter image a Tuffin should be. Especially not when he longed to be a Princess instead of a Prince.

When his secret desires are unveiled, his father decides to teach him a lesson the Tuffin way - with violence. Injured and fed up, Elton fled his makeshift prison. A flat tire halts his journey, leaving him stranded in the middle of nowhere USA. Luckily, a handsome cowboy comes to the rescue offering not only to take care of the vehicle, but to take care of Elton as well.

But all too soon trouble finds its way to the ranch. Bobby Allen refuses to let someone take the man he’s fallen for away and Elton has no desire to return home. Will he have the courage it takes to move from tempting his Daddy to claiming him? Or will duty win out over love?
Tempting His Daddy is the third of the Coleman Ranch series. This full-length novel features a cautious, gentle Daddy, a tortured, broken boy, a ranch full of found family, a bit of royalty, and on-page steam between our two leading men. There will be crossover from the previous books in series. Recommended for readers 18+. Full CW in author’s note at the beginning of the book.

Heather's Review:

A.W. Scott brings her sweet Daddy romance style back to the Coleman ranch for a third installment and introduces us to Elton, a runaway prince who is escaping the torture of his father and older brothers to find his true place in the world by running to the US...

Elton is both strong and skittish, like the horses that Bobby Allen rescues and rehabilitates at the Coleman Ranch.  The relationship builds as Elton learns to trust in his saviour and in his surroundings.   And the rest of the ranch and friend group are there to support the couple as they work on their relationship and prepare for the inevitable confrontation with Elton's past...

This was as sweet, mildly spicy story with a caring Daddy and a boy who just wants to explore his feelings, be seen as himself  and sometimes show his feminine side... 

If you're a fan of sweet daddy romances, you'll want to add Tempting His Daddy to your TBR.  This book features crossover characters, but can be read standalone if you wish.

TW: Violence, homophobia, family abuse - full list in author's note.

Rating: 5 Stars

Tempting His Daddy is available as an ebook and can be read as part of your kindle unlimited subscription.