Snowblind by Leigh Jarret

Snowblind was the first book I've read from Leigh Jarret, but it won't be my last...

From the blurb:

It all came down to a matter of trust

James has some free time and is taking a break from professional snowboarding. Getting away on a weekend by himself in the interior of British Columbia, Canada.

He needs a break from his life. A breakup with his fiancé, a woman his mother picked out for him from the right-wing church he'd grown up in. There are certain expectations to start a family.

Corey, also a competitive snowboarder, knows James from the circuit. They've competed against each other many times over the years. They run into each other on the weekend of Winter Pride.

Corey has a secret. He's had a huge crush on James for years. But he's not out and James isn't gay. He decides to approach James anyway—just to hang out.

He convinces James to go to a Winter Pride event even though James has grown up in a world in which homosexuality is considered a sin. James reluctantly agrees. He's enjoying Corey's company.

As the men spend time together over the course of the weekend, James finds himself feeling unexpected things. He's not sure if it's admiration or attraction he has for Corey.

That question is answered when they end up alone together.

This is a story about trust. It's a sweet happily-ever-after love story.

Heather's Review:

Snowblind is a gay awakening story tempered by a homophobic family and a church that taught them to hate...this book lets James explore who he is and why he's both comfortable with Corey and wanting more... it introduces family drama and makes James question both himself and their magical weekend.  

Well paced and well written, please note a trigger warning for religious homophobia and angst.  Snowblind is a novella, so can be read quickly but, despite being billed as a sweet happily ever after, there is a lot to overcome for that HEA.  It was also great to see another story set in Canada!

Rating: 4 Stars