Cover Reveal and Excerpt: A Subtle Scar: Psychopomped Book One (Hellbound Gods) by Alexa Piper

Forced to take a vacation, Chandler finds himself pursued by two gods who decide he is theirs... Find out more with an exclusive excerpt below and pre-order A Subtle Scar, which releases on March 24th.

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~Two alpha gods
~One human mage
~Frenemies with benefits turned lovers
~Very tight T-shirts
~More banter
~Found family


Chandler’s life is well-ordered and running like clockwork. He’s liked and respected at his job with the Federal Investigative Service where he is a consulting mage, and he likes the work: solving crimes. The darkness in his own past doesn’t bother him, not while he gets to help other people.

Then, one day, Chandler is forced to take vacation time in order to attend a friend’s birthday party. There he meets two immortals, two gods, who seem to think he is the hottest thing since the discovery of fire.

And while Chandler would be fine with a little fun on his terms, that doesn’t seem to be what the gods had in mind.

Hermes and Charon, intimately close frenemies with benefits, have solved the problem of the delectable human they both want: share him. Because sharing is better than losing your favorite frenemy to monogamy. Also, handsome Chandler is high maintenance for a human and demands their full support for his crime solving passion. 

Will Chandler find a way to get rid of the divine duo pursuing him or will his past hurts catch up with him? Will Hermes and Charon manage to satisfy their demanding boyfriend while they help him solve his case? And will the three of them understand that sharing has to be caring, even if you don’t fully understand the other?

Content Warning: This MMM romance contains sexual content only suitable for mature audiences. Themes of past trauma and grief are present.


A Subtle Scar: Psychopomped Book One (Hellbound Gods)
Alexa Piper
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2023 Alexa Piper

“Yes. Maybe it will trigger some nostalgia, make him feel good and at ease. Maybe he’ll want to show us the city.”

Hermes nodded. “That’s a plan. Every now and then, you are a genius too. And then you go back to being a Luddite and say things like you want to go clothes shopping at a thrift store.”

“Well, your shirts are all too small.”

Hermes shrugged. “But I look good in them.”

He did.

“I’m a good listener. Humans like a good listener in a relationship.”

“I also listen,” Hermes said.

I looked at him for a hard five seconds before I said, “Hermes, you should stick with shirts that are a size too small. I think that’s more your speed. Look, I think they’re done. Let’s show our boyfriend the spell, and then let us undertake the most thorough seduction either of us has ever attempted. And don’t you just fucking ask him if he’ll blow you.”


About Alexa Piper:

Alexa Piper writes steamy romance that ranges from light to dark, from straight to queer. She’s also a coffee addict. Alexa loves writing stories that make her readers laugh and fall in love with the characters in them.

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