Changing Hayden, Uptown Heat #1 by Zach Wish

A leopard can change his spots for the right one. Laora read Changing Hayden.

From the blurb:

He can’t move in with me, I’ve got way too much going on. The fact we used to fool around in college has *sigh* nothing to do with it, honest…

Between trying to land the role of vice president at work and keeping up my volunteering at Ruff Stuff dog adoption center, my life is way too busy to deal with him.

We had some fun in college, but he could never commit to anything – and to be honest I think we’re simply better off as friends. Sure it was a long time ago, but people don’t change. Hayden might claim to have turned over a new leaf but his partying, messiness, and general wild living really isn’t a fit for my grown up, career focused lifestyle.

Hayden and I are friends. Even if we did get together, how could a green energy executive and general homebody like me ever make it work long term with a fast living, gas guzzling muscle car owner like Hayden?

I'll never be able to change Hayden. We may fool around from time to time, but that’s where it will always end...

Hayden is a best friends to lovers, steam filled MM romance with a guaranteed HEA and plenty of laughs, wholesomeness and serious heat along the way. It is a standalone book in the Uptown Heat series and the books can be read in any order.

Laora's Review:

After several novellas, I was so happy to get my hands on this novel by Zack in the new 'Uptown Heat' series. I liked the storyline and character developments. I appreciate that more details about characters are included in this book. Such as how Alex got his courage to go for what he deserved and wanted and, of course, Hayden changing up his old habits for ones that work better. 

There is a bit of kink in this second chance friends to lovers MM romance, otherwise it wouldn't be a Zack book. The friends of both of these men play their part and I would not be disappointed to see either of them in future books.

Rating: 5 Stars

Changing Hayden is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.