A Home In You by Courtney W. Dixon

After Amazon cancelled her pre-orders for A Home In You, Courtney W. Dixon doubled down and released the book four days early, so while I had started an ARC copy, I switched to reading in KU so that she'd get the pages read - it's not going to make up for the lost pre-orders, but hopefully it adds up to a tenth of a cup of coffee or something equally important...  You too can grab your copy as a paperback, e-book and of course, in Kindle Unlimited.

From the blurb:

I love you. You're my home. Forever.


At first, when Cade and his dad came to the farm to live, I didn’t want a brother or a new father. Mom and I were doing just fine on our own, but when Cade walked into my house for the first time, I was instantly drawn to him. How was that possible? I never had a crush on anyone before, let alone a boy.


I have a secret. Two really. I’m gay and I have a huge crush on my step-brother. It’s all wrong but I want him more than breathing. Dillon is quiet and stoic, but sweet and caring. We do everything together and are as close as two brothers could be. How long can I fight my need for him?

How did we feel so right, yet also so wrong? We became stepbrothers at fourteen years old, keeping our love a secret for three years until we were finally discovered and torn apart. It took over a year to find each other again in college. But reuniting wasn’t so simple.

CW: Underage drinking, homophobia, bullying, explicit language, and sexual content. Not for readers under 18.

A Home In You is a standalone MM taboo small-town romance.

Heather's Review:

I was expecting a second chance romance, but this story starts prior to the first meeting between Cade and Dillon and takes us through all eight years of their relationship before you get close to their shot at an HEA... 

This book is an adult romance, so it includes age appropriate sexual relations between consenting teenagers, even if others think that relationship is taboo....make sure you read the other trigger warnings too... because this book deals with difficult situations including violence, bullying and homophobia between teenagers and also between parent and teen.

It was a beautiful and emotional story - I don't typically read stories with high school protagonists, but I was deep into the story before I realized it wasn't just a prologue and by then I was hooked.  It has the slow burn you'd expect from younger characters, as well as the sadly typical, but horrible behaviour of a parent who believes gay is a choice....

A Home In You is well written, engrossing and emotional and a wonderful read from cover to cover!

Rating: 5 Stars