Sainted by Jesse H. Reign

Endlessly entertaining, Sainted was filled with well-written characters and a compelling story. 

From the blurb:

Falling for my kidnapper is a terrible idea.

He’s a bad man and I don’t mean trash like your ex. I mean seriously bad. I mean dangerous. You can tell just by looking at him; black eyes, a menacing scowl, and a nose that’s been badly broken in the past.

He is my arch nemesis. My mortal enemy. My singular obsession.

I was afraid of him when we met. He took me against will and kept me chained to a bed. Me, Damon Alexander Beckett of BeckIT fame and fortune. Well, the joke’s on him because I’m going to make it my life’s mission to destroy him. But first, I have to survive being his captive. He’s here all the time. Watching me. His heavy male presence never more than five feet away, dark, glinting eyes tracking down my body.

When he propositions me indecently, I am shocked and outraged. As I should be. Seriously, the audacity of him is unreal.

It’s obvious I should say no. It goes without saying. Any sane person would laugh in his face.

So why am I sinking to my knees?

Zakiyya's Review:

Morally gray characters are some of my absolute favorites and this author has done a fantastic job with Sainted—I swooned over his possessiveness over Damon… 🙈

LOL - Damon, he was such a diva, and I loved him for it. His quick wit and refusal to be the quiet ‘damsel’ in distress, just accepting his fate, made him all the more loveable. 

Neither of them saw love in their futures and I loved seeing them figure out their feelings. 

One of my favorite scenes was their love confession - it was hilarious and so uniquely them....🙈🤭😅

The charm, humor, and intelligence of Jesse’s writing continues to enthrall and as long as she writes MM, I WILL READ IT. 

Smartly written with a satisfying ending - this book is an absolute must-read...💙

Rating: 5 Stars

Sainted is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.