Hunting for Magic (A Collection of Hunters #4) by Toby Wise

Angel calls Hunting for Magic, "a wonderful conclusion to an excellent series!!"

From the blurb:

Going back to my hometown was NOT part of the plan!

Jude and his cousins have been planning a road trip since they were teenagers to find their sparks. Lady Fate had other plans, leading him straight to his true mate without even leaving town. Jude and Carlos might not get off on the best foot, but Jude is determined to find his place in this new found family.

Carlos has been running from his past and keeping his animal form a secret for years. After meeting his true mate, his hunting crew finds a case in his hometown. Can Carlos learn to lean on his true mate while dealing with the stress of confronting his past?

Hunting for Magic is book four in A Collection of Hunters series and though it is a standalone, is best enjoyed in order. Inside you’ll find magic, familiar and spark bonds, shifters, mpreg, found family, a cursed rabbit’s foot, and of course, a happily ever after. 

Angel's Review:

I'm so sad to see these characters go, but the way Toby wrapped everything up was truly beautiful. He figured out a way to keep all the characters together while also having them all start a new chapter of their lives. 

Jude has been wanting to meet his spark for what feels like forever, him and his cousins have dreamed of it. So when he finds not only his spark but also his mate, he knows Lady Fate was leading him to exactly where he needed to be. However, because he was so excited to meet Cooper, he overlooked Carlos. Who's his mate?

Carlos can't believe his mate just walked into the bar him and his team were at, although it seems as though his mate is more excited about meeting Cooper than him... Maybe Carlos isn't supposed to have a mate, maybe he doesn't deserve it. 

I really, really enjoyed this last story in this Collection of Hunters series. I've been so curious about Carlos ever since the first book. He's been this big question mark throughout the whole story. No one really knows his background or where he came from, or what type of shifter he is. Until now. I have always enjoyed Toby's writing. I connect with his characters because they are relatable. They are goofy and can be silly, but are also relatable and loyal. 

I really enjoyed seeing Carlos embrace who he is and finally being honest and open with his friends/team. I'm glad he finally got his mate, and I really enjoyed the scenes where Jude was teaching Cooper how to use his magic. 

My only critique would be I wish this was longer, and Carlos had gotten upset at Jude because Jude basically ignored him, but by the next day when they ran into each other, that sort of got glazed over. He was upset, hurt in the one scene and then meeting his mate's family in the other. That's really minor, though. 

Overall really well written, great background, and a terrific way to end a very enjoyable series. I highly recommend reading not only this book, but this whole series. 

I'm excited to see what's more to come from Toby!! 

Rating: 5 Stars

Hunting for Magic is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.