How Do You Survive A Kiss? (Irish Roulette Book 4) by Ki Brightly, M.D. Gregory

With How Do You Survive A Kiss? the series defines the relationship between Cillian and Aspen. It really shows the POV of each as the intensity between them grows. It also furthers the fight with the Reyes Cartel. I'm left questioning what happens to Sloan.

From the blurb:

The Heartless Mobster
Cillian Shaughnessy has a reputation for being violent. He is the kind of killer who can get any job
done, which is why his boss sends him and his partner in crime, Aspen, to Miami to finally rid the Killough Company of an enemy. As long as he has his best friend, Aspen, at his side, he can take on any assignment, no matter how difficult. No target stands a chance.

Friends Become Closer
Aspen Kavanagh has always had Cillian’s back, no matter what. Going to Miami with Cillian seems like it will be a regular hit, but the game has changed. They no longer want to dance around each other. Once, a long time ago, they almost dated, and those feelings have only grown over time. As their personal relationship blooms, they’re met with unexpected threats that put their lives on the line. Aspen is willing to risk it all on the job and with Cillian, even if it means Cillian might dig a knife right into his heart.

Two Killers, One Target
The enemies of the Killough Company are smarter than Aspen and Cillian expected, and the longer they spend away from home, the more dire their mission and personal lives become. Cillian doesn’t want to admit what he feels for Aspen, and the struggle brings them new issues. Can Aspen and Cillian figure out their relationship—or will their target find them first and put an end to their love before it even begins?

ReedKaye's Review:

I’m enjoying this series. While each book focuses on different guys, the main characters make appearances throughout the story. 

Cillian and Aspen’s relationship is the basis of this book. They have been friends forever, but have held back from getting totally involved with each other. Neither is great at talking, especially about their feelings. When the two are assigned a job in Miami away from their partners, it brings the two together in ways they didn’t plan nor were really was comfortable with. There are some really intense parts to their growing relationship and how they interacted with Vail, Fallon, and Rowen. Plus, there is more of Jamie and how he deals with these two. This story really gets into the personalities and what makes each behave as they do.

Then there is the issue dealing with the Reyes Cartel. A lot happens and yet so much is left ongoing. A few times I had to wonder how bad the fight could get and some of the results of their fighting effects on the guys and their families. I also am a little upset with the cliffhanger dealing with Sloan. There are so many possibilities to this outcome and some I’d rather the author didn’t take, but I’m anxious to see where this goes. 

I really enjoyed the epilogues. They were from different guy’s POV and answered a few things. Now it’s the part I hate… waiting on the next book.

Rating: 5 Stars

How Do You Survive A Kiss is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.