Fangs for Everything by Sadie Jay

Fangs for Everything is an interesting collection of intertwined stories about an old vampire and his chosen family.

From the blurb:

On a whim, Vampire Artemis Papadakos picked up a couple of hitchhikers on their way to Woodstock. All he was hoping for was a weekend of fun. What he ended up with was a new Child. Spanning seven decades, Fangs for Everything is a sometimes light, sometimes dark look at the lives of a 350-year-old vampire, a hippy peacenik, a skater boy, and the people they love.

Fangs for Everything is an 82k paranormal M/M tale told anthology style, starting in 1969 and spanning seven decades. If Rollie and Aja are familiar, it's because they first appeared in the 2020 Working Stiffs charity anthology as the short story Fangs for the Memories.

Content warning—This is a vampire story, so there is blood and biting and some violence, along with addiction and dubcon. There are drugs, a knife, and a gun. But there are also overly protective vampires, second chances, found family, a grumpy cinnamon roll, and redemption. There's something for everyone!
Want a free sneak peek of the first three chapters? Fangs for Everything is also available in Amazon Vella.

Tammy's Review:

I don’t know that I’ve ever read a collection of short stories like this before. Artie is the thread that ties each story together. He is a vampire who has been around since the 1600s and seen a lot of different things. This collection starts out with him meeting Alex and his girlfriend Sally Who were hitchhiking to Woodstock in 1969. Alex is hit by a car and Artie turns him to save his life.

The relationship between Artie and Alex is the basis for each story and how additional characters enter connect with them and their sire/child relationship.

Rollie is introduced Midway through the collection as Alex‘s love interest. When they meet Rollie is only 20 and Alex is approximately 50 but looks only 20. there are extenuating circumstances that force Alex and Rollie to part ways for 15 years. Finding each other again and forgiving old hurts introduces Oakley and Tim into the stories.

Overall this is a difficult collection to rate. It’s not a traditional romance, or even a single storyline. I suppose it’s best to look at it as a collection of interconnected short stories. If you’re looking for an interesting story about several connected characters over fifty years, this is definitely a good choice. There were a few new takes on vampires that I found interesting as well.

World building: 7/10 (overall, easy to follow and believable)
Heat: 5/10 (only a few scenes for each couple, but well written)
Plot: 7/10 (again, hard to rate because of the collection, but the bad guys are eventually eliminated (off page))
Overall: 7/10 (would recommend if you’re looking for something different)

Fangs for Everything is available in paperback and e-book formats and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.