Wane on Harvest Moon - Amanda Meuwissen

The third installment of the Moonlight Prophecies, Wane on Harvest Moon, takes us back to the beginning and tells the story of how Luke and Preston became the committed couple and members of Centrus City's inner circle. A rat shifter and cat shifter brought up differently can't be mates, can they?

From the blurb:

Cat shifter Luke and rat shifter Preston have had a solid relationship for ten years, but lately, the

increasing attacks on their pack and the stress of raising their adopted daughter are highlighting more of their differences than the values they have in common. When they travel to Glenwood to investigate the source of the ancient artifacts tied to the recent violence, tensions in the shifter community—and their relationship—are already running high.

Strangely, this mystery seems tied to the events that brought them together. On their first mission, eighteen-year-old Luke and twenty-one-year-old Preston had to put aside their differences—and back-burner their mutual attraction—to prevent a disaster that would have revealed the existence of shifter kind to humans. 

But how does what’s happening now connect to their past? And can they find the answers their pack, their species, and their relationship need to survive?

SNik's Review:

Third in series (Moonlight Prophecies), best if read in order as there is an overall series arc. Paranormal action/suspense. Established couple/mates. Found family. Dual POV. 

Luke and Preston are shifters and in the inner circle of Centrus city, having been together as mates for 10 years, they are sent to continue the investigation into the latest disturbances troubling them and their neighboring cities. In a flashback to how they originally meet, there are tie-ins to their current problems as well as the story of how Luke and Preston become a couple. 

So fun to see how Luke and Preston first meet, and how they learn to work together as well as slowly build a relationship given they come from different backgrounds. I enjoyed the action and suspense, the slow wooing that Luke does to get Preston to accept that they are mates, and the chance to see how the inner circle of Centrus originally came about and began working together. 

There is a cliffhanger as the series continues, but a HFN/HEA for Luke and Preston as they pursue the person determined to bring down shifter society.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Wane on Harvest Moon is available to buy as an ebook and paperback.