Lenny And His Jackrabbit Lumberjack by Lorelei M. Hart, Colbie Dunbar

"We three are bonded, always." Lenny And His Jackrabbit Lumberjack.

From the blurb:

Sometimes love hops in when you least expect it.

Human Omega Lenny’s car breaks down at the worst time and place imaginable. The snow is falling, his cell phone has no reception, and he’s going to be late for a job interview a hundred miles away. As the temperature begins to plummet and the sun has mostly set, Lenny sees no other option other than to trek in the direction of the house he sees lit up in the distance. It’s better than freezing to death in his car as it gets buried in the snow.

Alpha jackrabbit shifter Conall is happy to have two entire weeks off. He loves his job as a lumberjack, and his crew are like brothers to him, but Conall longs for the bit of peace and quiet and time in his fur that comes with shutdown. Only his time off turns out to be nothing like what he planned.

When Conall hears a cry for help while he’s in his fur, he races towards the sound to discover a human caught in a hunting trap, his leg bleeding and most likely broken. Without thinking, he shifts into his human form to help and is shocked to hear, “I know you,” just as the man passes out. What was that about?

Lenny and His Jackrabbit Lumberjack is a sweet with knotty heat, country-city, MM, mpreg, shifter romance brought to you by the popular co-writing team of Colbie Dunbar and Lorelei M. Hart. It features a human looking to make a new start, a jackrabbit shifter breaking all the rules to save a stranded traveler, a snowed-in recovery, hot cocoa by the fire, true love, fated mates, an adorable baby, and a guaranteed HEA. If you love your omegas strong, your alphas hawt, and your mpreg with heart, download Lenny and His Jackrabbit Lumberjack today. 

Angel's Review:

What a cute story! I haven't read a book about a jackrabbit shifter before and I really enjoyed the uniqueness of this book. I really enjoy the fated mate trope and this was really well done. Colbie also sprinkled in some forced proximity and boom! Magic happens! 

Lenny is heading to his future dream job, the only thing that gets in his way is his cat dying. On the side of the road... In the middle of winter. That doesn't exactly bode well for him, especially cause there is no reception and no one for miles. Until he spots a light in the distance and starts walking towards it, he never expected to step in a trap, and he also never expected to get rescued by.... A rabbit? 

A jackrabbit in fact. Jackrabbit shifter Conall is in his fur hopping through the snow enjoying his run. Until he hears a scream for help and goes to investigate. Once he finds the man who yelled he know he needs to help him. Not only is it cold outside but the man's leg is trapped in a animal trap. If he doesn't get him inside soon he's worried the man might not make. So, he does what any good samaritan would do and takes the man inside to help warm him up and patch up his leg. Except being that close to the man his jackrabbit keeps telling him this man is his mate... How's he doing to explain that to a human?

I really enjoyed this book, it was adorable and well written. Lenny and Conall are so sweet together and they compliment each other well. Lenny is so accepting of Conall being a shifter along with him being Conall's mate. I wish that Colbie explained further about Conall's family. It's mentioned that if he were to mate a human he would have to discuss it with his 'pack'. However, then it's not brought up or mentioned after that. So I thought that was a little confusing, but overall really good. I loved baby Arlen, I wish we got to see him shift for the first time but he's still adorable.

Rating: 5 Stars

Lenny And his Jackrabbit Lumberjack is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.