If I Could Wish by Duckie Mack

If I Could Wish started out as a newsletter serial and has been compiled and released into a novella.

From the blurb:

Penn enjoys hooking up. He craves the closeness and touch but he compares every guy to the one
person he can’t have. His best friend, his confidant, the only one he can rely on. The problem…he’s not real.

Benny has been at Penn’s side since childhood. They are connected so deeply, he can’t leave him. He’s tried, but Penn always calls him back. Knowing how strong Penn’s feelings are makes it even harder. What’s more…it’s not one-sided.

When the two cross a line one night and the lines of reality begin to blur, it sends them in a tailspin as they try to figure out what it means. Can there really be something tangible between them?

If I Could Wish is a stand-alone holiday novella with a twist. It features an imaginary friend-to-lover and a dash of Christmas magic. 

Angel's Review:

Penn created Benny when he was a child with his imagination. When Penn got older, Benny was always there right by his side, never seen by others, but always there. Penn longed for Benny to be real. He didn't want any other guy; he compared them all to the one guy he could never have... Until he wish for him to be real. Penn never expected for his accidental Christmas wish to come true, but he's so happy it did. 

I really enjoyed this book. It's short, sweet, and festive. A perfect holiday read! The characters are great, I enjoyed Benny coming to life once Penn wished for him too. I haven't read a book like this one before and I'm really glad I was able to read it. 

 My only note is how fast these two slept with each other. I think it was too fast. The book starts with intimate scenes. So if I was going to criticize anything, it was that scene in particular. 

Overall really cute! 

Rating: 4 Stars

If I Could Wish is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.