Christmas on Firefly Hill - Garrett Leigh

What are the chances of meeting the man of your dreams again after one kiss during a summer festival months ago? The holiday season makes for a perfect reunion for two deserving men that are meant to be together. Christmas on Firefly Hill is a dreamy holiday romance from Garrett Leigh.

From the blurb:

The single dad and the rootless vagabond. Expect: a shy, hunky firefighter and an ethereal dancer down on his luck. A sizzling contemporary MM age-gap holiday romance. Mild hurt-comfort, found family, and friends-to-lovers galore.

Firefighter Logan Halliwell doesn’t have much time for romance. A relentless work-life-balance and an expensive divorce have sucked the festive cheer from his days. All he wants is to be a good dad. A fun dad. Especially at Christmas.

He doesn’t know how lonely he is until he meets Remy Collins, a gorgeous fire dancer at a sultry summer festival.

Their instant connection blows his mind, but their fleeting encounter is over before Logan can catch his breath. One kiss and they’re strangers again. That wicked brush of lips nothing but a dream.

Long months pass. Then fate brings them together again at the summit of Firefly Hill, and absence has only strengthened the current thrumming between them. The heat. The precious chance of true happiness they both so desperately need.

Only fear stands in their way.

And Logan’s dangerous job.

It takes a tough lesson and a dose of winter magic to learn that loving each other means Christmas all year round.

Christmas On Firefly Hill is an MM holiday romance, featuring a burly single dad firefighter, and a vagabond dancer/jewellery maker. Delivering a guaranteed HEA, all the Christmas feels, and a hefty dose of British snark. 

SNik's Review:

Standalone. Age gap. Found family. Slow burn. Dual POV. 

During a summer festival, there is an instant connection between firefighter Logan and dancer/artist Remy, but after only a kiss, they are separated. When they meet again months later, the spark is still there and while Logan is trying to manage his job and twin sons, Remy is trying to heal from an accident and get his business off the ground again so he can have some security. 

Emotional writing with two men that find happiness and joy with each other while trying to navigate responsibilities and having to compromise when in need of help to get through their day-to-day struggles. 

Both Logan and Remy are swoony and such a good fit. Logan is kind and Remy is thoughtful and their slow building of a relationship is romantic and dreamy, even when dealing with everyday life. Sweet holiday read where a story of companionship and love is everything you could hope for in a holiday story.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Sheena's Review:

Garrett Leigh always manages to bring a special blend of her very own Christmas magic to her Christmas stories. There's nothing quite like it, and I love it.  

I loved both Remy and Logan. I could feel the magic between them during that first meeting at the festival. The electricity and chemistry were so potent it's no wonder it left a huge impression on them both. I love how we got to know them both a little before they came together again and it made their story all the sweeter. This is what Garrett Leigh does best. Two people who apart are struggling with life in different ways and puts them together where they each bring the other something they needed but didn't know they were missing.

It's such a good development of their story. It's not instant and not too slow a burn either, it's just the perfect speed for both. Remy brings some much needed joy to Logan and in return gets support and structure that he needs to get his life back on track. This wouldn't be a Garrett story if there wasn't a little drama though, but that makes it all the better, really. This all connects into the larger world of the Rebel Kings MC, as Logan is Locke's twin brother from that series. That was a nice Easter egg.

I may have to re-read this before Christmas 😂

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Once again, Garrett Leigh has provided us with a sweet, swoony and special holiday story.  Blending a brief meet cute at a summer festival with a chance second encounter that pulls Remy and Logan into each other's orbits for a second time, we get to see the spark that ignited at the summer festival grow and develop into something much hotter and longer burning.

Both men have complicated histories and insecurities and Garrett is able to tell a story that calms and soothes these insecurities and brings these two sweet men together - and steals our hearts by including Logan's twin boys in the mix.

There is some outside angst from Logan's job as a firefighter and just a bit of relationship angst, but it keeps you invested in the story and makes the HEA even sweeter...

Rating; 5 Stars

Janet's Review:

Christmas on Firefly Hill was an exceptional story! Freakin fantastic! Logan is a firefighter and a dad. He has no time for fun. Remy is a fire dancer, gorgeous and total opposite from Logan. 

I felt so bad for Logan, I could feel he was overwhelmed and his exhaustion. Remi has been living in his van after an accident and is struggling. He cannot perform and he feels unsettled? They meet at a summer festival where Logan is the fire marshal. Instant connection. 

I literally could not put this book down, sooo freakin good. They meet again on Firefly Hill and get a second chance. Overall, a fantastic story that is well written with addicting pacing!

Rating: 5 Stars

Angel's Review:

I haven't read very many books by Garrett Leigh but the few I have read by them have been amazing! This one was amazing as well. 

Remy's lost, he used to be a fire dancer and traveled to different events, but when someone rammed into the trailer he was on and knocked him off of it -he can't move like he used to. What helped him through recovering from his injuries was thinking about the fire Marshall he met in the summer. He can't get him out of his head, If only he could see him again  maybe something could happen between them. 

And something in fact does happen between these two! Logan is a single dad trying to manage raising his rambunctious twin boys, going to work, arguing with his ex wife, and now falling for the guy who lives up the hill from him. He's got a lot going on and he needed Remy. Remy adds to his life and helps with things that Logan did know he needed help with. And Remy with Logan's boys? Those moments were so sweet! 

This was really well written, great pacing and a definite slow burn that was well worth the wait. It made it that much greater when they got together. I really enjoyed reading this story, Remy was such a great character! I never knew that people used pennies and repurposed them before, so I learned something new! I also enjoyed Logan's character ,he was struggling with his job but still tried to spend as much time as he could with his boys. He kept trying. 

Overall a really sweet, cozy, winter read.

Rating: 4 Stars

Christmas on Firefly Hill is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.