THE GAMBLE: An MM Zombie Apocalypse Romance (Final Days Book 2)

Even though he is young, Cris is a leader of one of the few defensible communities left in the zombie apocalypse. Needing a temporary safe place before returning home Cris does not expect to find a cute engineer hiding out with his family. A man hardened by his family's past and an optimistic sheltered nerd find each other and work together to survive in The Gamble.

From the blurb:

It only takes a moment for everything you've built to come crashing down around you. Fucking roaches.

Rich, connected, and powerful, my family had the means to survive the apocalypse, yet I seem to be the only Alcaraz left standing to protect my family's legacy and raise my niece. Every single day is a struggle, fighting zombies and internal monsters that threaten to tear me to pieces.

When the only place we could possibly call home falls under attack, my men and I are thrown together with an attractive stranger and his quirky family.

Despite everything my men were trained to do, it’s one short, a-dork-able nerd named Benny who might be our salvation.

He might be mine, as well.


We thought we could survive there, hiding in that little house. We were wrong.

Four men rush into our lives just in time for everything to fall apart. Together we can fight our way to The Gamble where they've promised is space for my family and I. With my heart, and my family on the line, I entrust this stranger with everything that I hold dear.

Hopefully he doesn't rip it out and eat it like the undead monsters walking the earth.

The Gamble is a part of the Final Days MM romance multiauthor series. Each apocalyptic book can be read as a standalone, but there are more thrilling zombie tales to enjoy so why not grab them all?!

SNik's Review:

Part of a multi-author series (Final Days) but all are standalone stories. Apocalyptic adventure. Quick read. Insta-love. Dual POV. 

Running from zombies while outside his compound, Cris does not expect to find a family placidly living in their house a year after the virus has hit. Benny and his family realize they have to get somewhere safer, and while helping Cris and his men, Benny and Cris feel an attraction and quick emotional connection. 

There is a little background about Benny and Cris before the zombie virus changed everything, and we do get a sense of their strength of character. I wish the story had been longer, both men were intriguing, and I would have really enjoyed to see them surviving together and building something in the desperate apocalyptic landscape. 

Interesting secondary characters, horrible times to persevere, and small glimpses of a possible relationship. There is hope with a HFN.

Rating: 4 Stars

Janet's Review:

The Gamble is part of the multi-author book series, Final Days. I definitely wouldn’t classify this as a romance, but a bloody good horror story!! 

I really like Benny and Cris. Cris’s family has been totally eradicated, except for his niece and a group of friends. They are living in a casino until they’re overrun and have to run for their lives. They meet Benny and his family living in a quiet neighborhood where all the other houses are crumbling down. Cris talks the family into going back to the casino to live out their days. 

This was sooo freaking good, reminded me of the walking dead! Overall, a fantastic addition to the Final Days series!! Well written with pacing that engaged me and kept me flipping the pages!

Rating: 5 Stars

The Gamble is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.