The Bard and the Fairy Prince (Tales of the Gemstone Kingdoms #3) by Amanda Meuwissen

Return to the Gemstone Kingdoms for an adventure filled story in The Bard and the Fairy Prince. Prince Nemirac will let nothing stand in his way of becoming the most powerful demon in the lands. However, falling for his hired protector was not part of the plan.

From the blurb:

When Prince Nemirac learns of his heritage, he vows to become the most powerful demon in history. But he can’t do it alone.

Feeling betrayed by his parents’ lies about his true lineage, Nemirac embarks on a quest to visit all five Gemstone Kingdoms and drain the stones of their power to ascend as a new being. But until he obtains that magic, he’s vulnerable.

Enter Janskoller the warrior bard.

Janskoller has just returned to the Gemstone Kingdoms, drawn by stories of broken curses and lands open for travel. He doesn’t expect a pretty young mage to hire him as a bodyguard, but it’s a good gig for a bard—lots of adventure to fuel his stories, and plenty of travel to spread his fame. Besides, Nemirac’s passion and obvious secrets intrigue him. But soon Janskoller realizes the peril of Nemirac’s goal—an end that puts the five kingdoms at risk and corrupts Nemirac into a darker, twisted version of the man Janskoller has come to care about. As the two grow closer, can Janskoller convince Nemirac to abandon his pursuit of power in favor of the deeper, more lasting magic of love?

SNik's Review:

Third in series (Gemstone Kingdoms), best if read in order. Fantasy paranormal. Hurt/comfort. Slow burn. 

Prince Nemirac is on a mission to become the most powerful demon and magic wielder, but it requires stealing power from the famous gemstones, and he needs someone to protect his back. When Nemirac hires the bard warrior, Janskoller, as his bodyguard, they embark on an adventure filled with tales sung, magic and sword fights, and disguises. 

Jan is immediately attracted to Nem, but Nem cannot lose focus on his goal no matter how persuasive Jan is, but as his magic grows Nem entertains the idea that once he is powerful, he will be unstoppable and maybe allow time for a charming Jan as his consort. 

This story has a lot of subterfuge and action. Nem is determined and yearns to become someone people will respect, and Jan is charismatic, engaging and loyal, even if he is not sure of Nem’s goal. The possibility of love being enough to turn Nem away from his angry plan when he can’t trust anyone, not even the man he is falling for, was a really entertaining adventure. 

The story includes characters from previous books and some sweet interactions between two men that unexpectedly find someone that accepts all their hidden wants.

Rating: 4 Stars

The Bard and the Fairy Prince is available to buy as an ebook and in paperback format.