#TeaserTuesday: Hired for the Holidays by Raquel Riley

We are excited to share an exclusive excerpt from Raquel Riley's Hired for the Holidays today! It is currently available for pre-order and will release on Thursday, November 17! It will also be available in KU.

From the Blurb: 

He only hired me for a week. Can our instant connection turn one Christmas into a lifetime of memories?

Adam Wells
How could I know when I was hired for the holiday that it would change my life? I was positive I’d never met a more egotistical jerk than Jones Marin, but the more I got to know him, the more confused I became. When he touched me, I burned, until I was falling head over heels for a client I assumed was a one-and-done affair.

Am I the only one being consumed by the fire?

Jones Marin
Adam is an escort—a rent boy. Disposable enjoyment. I hired him to be my date for a week of corporate holiday parties. It was supposed to be temporary. But Christmas is over and I don’t want Adam to leave. If I had unlimited income, I would hire him for life.

Would Adam stay if he wasn’t being paid?


Chapter 2

Just before my eyes closed, my phone rang. It was the business ringtone that indicated a client was calling. “Lucky Match, how can we service you?”

A deep throaty chuckle resonated through the line. “Is that how you answer the phone to all your clients? So willing to be of service?”

I had a feeling I knew exactly who I was speaking with, but I asked anyway, just to be sure. “Who am I speaking with?”

“This is Jones Marin. Am I speaking with Adam Wells?” So authoritative, like he was used to handling any situation, big or small. I didn’t realize I was attracted to that kind of confident dominance.

“Yes, Sir. How can I service you?” He didn’t sound as old as I pictured him yesterday when we spoke. Perhaps instead of Mr. Magoo, he was just a rich entitled asshole with small dick syndrome. SDS often caused middle-aged men with an inferiority complex and an overblown ego to act like dickbags, drive expensive cars, and demand things from people they had no right to ask for. I had a feeling Jones Marin had a bad case of SDS. Unfortunately, there was no cure.

“I’m sure I’ll think of something, Adam.” The coy tone of his voice implied a double meaning. My heart rate doubled, thinking of all the ways he might make good on that innuendo. “In the meantime, my secretary informed me that you turned down my car service. She said you would rather meet at some hole in the wall café that sells coffee.”

“That’s correct, Sir. I don’t give out my address to clients. You can pick me up from the café instead.”

Marin scoffed. His voice sounded so smooth, almost threatening. “I could find out where you live in five minutes, Mr. Wells. Assuming that’s your real name. I find it difficult to believe that a sex worker would use their real name.” The balls on this guy, I thought. “I’m calling because I wanted to set the record straight. You don’t make the rules here, I do. I didn’t hire you to join me on some coffee date. I have business to attend to tomorrow night, and I don’t have time for your games. I’ll send the car service to pick you up at the coffee shop, or wherever the hell it is you feel safe at, and you will meet me at the restaurant by seven o’clock. Be wearing the suit I picked out for you.”

If I could reach through the phone and grab hold of his neck, I surely would have. The idea of squeezing until his face flushed and his eyes bulged felt immensely satisfying. His sex worker comment really chafed my ass. Technically, I guess that’s what I’m classified as, but the way he said it, injecting as much disdain into the title as he could, only made me hate him more.

“My real name is Adam Wells. I have nothing to hide nor feel ashamed of. If you think so little of sex workers and escorts, why in the hell would you hire one to dangle off your arm for the night. Wouldn’t you want to project a cleaner image to your associates?”

After a beat of silence, Marin’s velvety baritone caressed my ear. “Good night, Mr. Wells. I’m looking forward to meeting you tomorrow. Get some rest. With that ugly mouth, it sounds like you’ll need your beauty sleep.”

The jackass disconnected the call before I could reply. I was going to suggest he stuff his tie down his throat and choke on it. The sound of him gasping for breath would curl my toes. I loved that the first thing he would notice about me was the big Fuck You I would project by not wearing the suit he chose for me.